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How YouTube Transformed Our Communication and Helped Us Stay Connected


Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

As soon as the lockdown started, we knew that the way we communicated had to change, and it had to cmhange fast! Moreover, it was important to keep the level of transparency high during the times when misinformation was spreading quickly, and fear of tomorrow and COVID-19 consequences was present in everyone’s mind.

That’s when we started our first video project on YouTube.

Monthly Management Videos

Lacking All Sta Meetings and chit chats in the oice, we were afraid our employees would lose essential strategic information. That’s why we started recording short monthly videos with all the relevant topics for our employees. At the end of each month, members of the Management team would record a three-minute video from their homes, and each would cover two to three crucial topics from the previous month.

The videos are then merged into one, edited with extras like graphics, texts, and accompanying videos. We also insert some funny clips of famous sayings from movies and series to make the video ‘easier’ to watch and to keep the team spirits up! This format is also great for clear and concise communication, spiced with a bit of humor. The footage always comes out and without exception on the 1st of the month.

Our COO Dalibor on a cover of the October Monthly Management Video.

A few months and a couple of anonymous surveys later, we realized how good people reacted to the videos and wanted to keep them as a form of communication and information sharing regardless of the situation. The results were amazing! Each management video is watched by more than 90% of employees, which is mind-blowing! It was one of the best things we introduced during the pandemic, and it showed us what great potential video has, so we launched more video projects.

What we loved most about videos was how they depict our culture and lingo perfectly, which cannot be done through any other format. In the meantime, the best creative solutions from social networks came from in this format, and people went crazy for video apps such as TikTok. It’s interesting to watch, it’s easy to convey information, and it’s fun.

Obvious realization: Content that starts as video, can be downgraded to audio (in your pocket or as a podcast), which can be converted to text (via transcription or blog). But content can’t flow in another direction. Therefore, to a max audience for any content, start with the video. Sarah Tavel, Benchmark

That’s why we decided to explore, what else can we do with videos and how can YouTube help us?

Coee with Sara

What started as a joke, turned into one of our strongest company culture weapons. Coee with Sara is a high production 15-30 minute series in which our Senior People & Culture Generalist, Sara, interviews guests with ten questions, precisely designed for them. In the series, she discusses important topics with the Management members or Heads and Team Leads.

Video is broadcasted on YouTube once a month, and it’s shared internally & externally. All videos are uploaded to a common playlist. Videos are informal, educational, and fun. Topics include:

  • important initiatives,

  • strategy,

  • new projects,

  • modes of operation, etc.

Coee with Sara is our most-watched video format

Coee with Sara gives a clear picture of the organization and culture to future and potential employees. Interviews with Team Leads are included in the job ads for specific departments, so that future employees meet their superiors before they even join Q!

Until now, there have been 16 episodes recorded out of which 7 have been publicly shared (outside Q). The results for 7 public episodes show 13,000+ views and 46,000+ people reached on YouTube only! Videos are also shared on our social media channels where they have a similar or better reach as well.

Check it out. It’s worth binge-watching. 😉

Communication tool for our employees…and clients?

Videos are a great channel for presenting and growing your company culture, but they also serve as a communication channel. After having such great results with the Management Monthly Videos, and Coee with Sara, we started to work on more videos and playlists. You can check our channel here.

But what we didn’t see at the beginning is that videos can serve another great purpose. Client relations.

We started Business Talks as a pilot, but it soon grew into another monthly series of videos. Our CEO, Filip, interviews one of our clients once a month, either online or in person. They are asked a set of questions about their business, personal life and goals, and collaboration with Q.

Business Talks initial idea was to introduce Qumans to clients better. But seeing happy and satisfied customers and hearing more about how we work gives our new potential clients a sense of trust.

To learn more about Business Talks, please check our blog Business Talks – Meet Our Clients through New Video Series.

Is video a new way of communicating?

Last year showed us the full power of social media and led us to use channels like YouTube that proved to be a great support during the pandemic. We went beyond our standard frameworks and launched something completely new. As a result, we got many new creative ideas along the way and had a lot of fun filming.

We learned that it is important to think outside the box and try new ways of doing old things. That’s why, for us, videos became and will stay a crucial part of our communication. Videos hold the power of replacing face-to-face interactions, capture company culture, keep lingo and jokes flowing, and make people feel connected and engaged. And if that means no more long, boring texts no one reads, who are we to complain! 😉

If we have intrigued you so far to follow us along with your favorite YouTubers, you can have a look and follow us at the following link: Q YouTube.

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Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

She is a marketing and PR enthusiast responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans. Classy girl with a bit of hood in her, and an attitude which she loses when there’s a dog nearby.