Navigating New Horizons: The Launch of the Times Travel Platform

Unique traveling experiences

What We Did

  • Web app
  • Team augmentation/dedicated team
  • QA automation



11 People


United Kingdom


Everyone’s heard about The Times. Along with Sunday Times and The Sun, they are one of the oldest newspapers in Britain. News UK is the largest British publishing house and they decided to partner up with Q to create a new end-to-end platform that combines traveling experience with expert knowledge. The result was The Times Travel, a unique digital platform with an unquenchable thirst for travel. It combines the experience, knowledge and travel guidance of leading experts from The Times and The Sunday Times.



Q created a web application that suited the vision of Times Travel. It took only 6 months to create the MVP from the initial idea. Through close collaboration, Q experts are continuously improving the performance and visibility of The Times Travel making it one of the leading go-to travel websites in the world.


20 000 website visits since the 1st quarter launch



15% revenue growth



Integration with the third party, custom building blocks

What We Built

Through collaboration with Q, The Times Travel was able to implement and create a new web app with a diverse approach to the traveling experience. Implementing UX and UI design, developing custom WordPress themes, SEO optimization and the overall web infrastructure were all done in just 6 months.


  • Web app


Discovery and Design

The overall turbulence of the world has emphasized the importance of pairing information with inspiration. That thought drove the idea behind creating The Times Travel platform.

It all started with a week-long design sprint workshop with the Q team to comprehend the business objectives, share the knowledge acquired on our previous travel-related projects, and specify what will be developed as an MVP.

With the support of the Times Travel design team, user stories were defined and the exemplary UX and UI design for the web application was introduced. It was essential to structure the content really well to establish a seamless and intuitive user flow.

Throughout each sprint, Q gradually still implements new designs to enhance better user experience and user engagement.


Product Features & Development

The design and development process was divided into 2-week sprints with continuous integration and testing on the focus group.

Through a lean and agile approach, the Q team managed to create an MVP in less than 6 months. Since the launch of the platform, a dedicated team of experts is continuously improving the web application based on user feedback.



The Times Travel team and Q used the know-how from previous projects to collect the needed data on the current market trends to create the best platform for The Times Traveler.

Combining both teams’ strongest assets like experience in travel, journalism, tech knowledge and reach to potential customers, users can now engage with a custom and unique travel platform and explore the world like never before.

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