Play and Learn How to Drive

Video E-learning Driving Platform

What We Did

  • Idea research
  • Product discovery
  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Driving student app (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Driving school app (Desktop)
  • Admin app (Desktop)
  • Landing page AIRE




12 People




Streamways is a company that had a brilliant idea to develop the best driving school app in Germany. They had noticed that learning behavior patterns were changing rapidly and it was time for innovation.



We developed the app through extensive behavioral research and the implementation of gamification tools. Through this process, we were able to shape and create an app that motivates rather than pushes users to learn.


Since the product launch in February 2022 Streamways has got two big investments.



Number of app downloads.



50 streaming videos.

What We Built

We can all agree that learning how to drive and studying for driving exams can be pretty time-consuming considering everyday life challenges and tasks.

It’s playful and fun, with appealing brand values and a personality that supports young people who are moving rapidly through everyday life.


  • Driving Student app available both as a mobile and and desktop version

  • Driving School app accessible through a desktop version incorporated and presented through a branded landing page


Driving the Idea Forward

Workshops with the young Streamways team were exceptional. It was important to find and explore best industry practices to shape behavioral principles and create the best gamification tools to motivate users.

Best way to start is through research of primary, secondary and tertiary competitors. We got valuable insights that helped us set crucial behavioral nudges and connect them with best industry practices.

Essential behavioral principles motivate users to engage more with the app and with this insight we started to create the feature set for Streamways application.

The idea behind motivating users was the implementation of gamification tools.

Following the Octalysis framework, we identified areas within the app that are important from a user perspective and used game principles as drivers to boost motivation and engage users to use with the app.

By the end of week 4 we wrapped all the key deliverables, users stories, wireframes, product backlog, epics and estimates for Streamways MVP development.

“We are very pleased to work together with a group of such talented people!”

Your dedication and guidance in this project – from user flow to branding – helps us while we are jingling everything else around starting our business.”


Branding Is Car-eing

Prior to the design development phase, we began bringing the product to life through brand guidelines.

Streamways’ branding and visual concept was built around movement, transformation, and speed.


In addition to being easily recognizable, the Streamways logo also works well with the tagline Play To Learn.

Through merchandise and poster series, we also created some marketing elements for the brand.


Driving the Change

With product objectives in place, it’s important to emphasize that video streaming is being used for the first time to teach how to drive. In total, we have implemented more than 50 videos that relate to the content of the driving school lessons. And yes, each video has been based on the appropriate test questions.

Besides engaging content and video streaming, the key features of the mobile app are:

  • Choosing your learning pace

  • Mastering everyday tasks

  • Practicing official exam questions

  • Exam simulations

  • Tracking the learning progress

Driving schools have 3 important web features:

  • Simple and Clear Dashboard

  • Access to Video Streaming of Driving

  • No Advance Payment


At the Finish Line

Through an overall 6 months of development divided into 2 phases we managed to implement all the necessary components and breathe life into the Streamways product.

We engaged our Flutter experts for the driving student application (mobile and web), JS Angular experts for the driving school app and Craft for the Streamways landing page to start building the product.

First Phase

During a 3-month period, our UX/UI experts implemented the unique design of the product. In order to boost the Streamways marketing effort for the upcoming November conference, we needed to build the Landing page and implement videos, test simulators, and user onboarding for driving schools and drivers.

Through the efforts of the Streamways team and Q, the conference promotion helped Streamways acquire two important app investors.

Second Phase

The first step was to implement the video streaming content and features for the mobile app, which included additional features such as motivational messages and sharing, question types, favorites, and language options.

This innovative digital product represents the future of driving schools. Streamways’ mission to empower young drivers with an easy and fun learning experience has just begun.

By using the video streaming within the app, users and driving schools can save time and money while having fun.

Streamways app is playful, with engaging video content adapted to everyday life changes for young people.

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