November 15, 2021 - 2 min

We’ve Opened a London Office!


Ana Cupic

Head of Communications

Our Co-founder and CBO, Vedran, moved to one of the busiest cities in the world! Moreover, Q gained a new partner, director of the London oice, Jesse Belgrave.

Despite the Coronavirus, technology firms in London attracted $10.5 billion in venture capital money last year, a new record for the UK and Europe. “London is the global tech capital of Europe,” says Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London.

Needless to say, having an oice in London is a big step forward for expanding Q as it creates added value for existing clients and opens up the opportunity to vmeet new clients. In addition, we are already looking for new sta in London.

In recent years, we have also recorded many successful collaborations with companies based in London: The Times, Smart Pension, BBC, Uswitch, and more. These companies make up 35% of our market, and the only logical and natural step was to move us closer to them.

Vedran Tolic and Jesse Belgrave

Opening an oice in London is a new step forward for us to focus even more intensely on strategic projects of big brands. “London is currently our largest market, and the new oice will help us strengthen our position there. Most of our clients are innovation departments of large corporations or funded start-ups, and to work with them globally, we have to be local “, Vedran points out.

“London is currently our largest market, and the new oice will help us strengthen our position there. Most of our clients are innovation departments of large corporations and funded start-ups, and to work with them globally, we have to be local.”

Q in numbers

The opening of the London oice is a step towards developing an oice network in a number of the world’s digital hotspots. In addition, Peakon, the leading platform for measuring employee engagement, recently included us in the top five percent of IT companies in the world. Also, we are ranked for over a year in the Top 20 Best Development Companies in the world by Clutch. We believe that these endorsements will immensely impact the growth of the London oice in the future.

  • London makes 35% of our market

  • We are in the top five percent of IT companies in the world for our employee satisfaction of amazing 9.0/10.0, according to Peakon

  • We are part of the Top 20 development companies by Clutch

Next steps for us

With this decision, we will gain even more trust between our clients and us. Our goal is to help global brands take their digital products to a whole new level, and with the new London oice, we will further strengthen our position as a software and design agency.

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Ana Cupic

Head of Communications

Before joining Q, she graduated from Medicine, so next to supervising all internal and external communication efforts, she comes in handy when you need medical advice or someone to explain your lab results!