April 3, 2024 - 2 min

We Have a New CEO!

				Filip Ljubic, Q's new Chairman

Filip Ljubic

Founder and Chairman

Q's new CEO, Hrvoje Gorajscan

I became the CEO of Q in September 2015. By the end of that very year, we’d visited Dubai, Zürich and Copenhagen, working hard to convince people to choose us as their trusted development partner, although at that time we had zero employees, no real references and no brand.

Today, things are much different. Q has grown strong, built an international brand, received many globally recognized awards (including the Employer of the Year Award for three years in a row) and we even got listed as one of the highest-quality software providers in the world.

Q's Management members along with Chairman and Co-Chairman

After a somewhat unusual 2023 for the entire IT industry, all our current figures, KPIs and results are again top-notch. The last 6 months were the best in the history of our company and the following 6 months look great too. We’re super stable and sound, which builds trust with our partners and clients.

Speaking of clients, I’m especially proud to say that today we support globally — on the highest strategic level — Fortune 500 companies, media empires, oil and gas giants, Premier League football clubs and even a foreign government on its most sensitive and complex state matters.

Yes, we became a hardcore-engineering-company, to the core! Focused on specific industry verticals, ensuring a better understanding of our clients’ respective industries to encourage innovation and technical edge.

Such a strong technical firm requires a strong technical CEO. A leader who can lead the way to the new tech trends, AI and the future of software development. My long term partner, co-owner, and a loyal management colleague and a dear friend, Harry Gorajscan, was an obvious choice. Enjoying the full support of all our directors and heads, and recognized by our entire organization, I literally have zero doubts that our former CTO and now CEO, Harry, will lead Q to the new chapter of sheer success.

And me? As a Chairman, I’ll continue doing globally what I do best — political connections, lobbying, business development, corporate relations, client pampering and, of course, developing and coaching our own key people and advising them daily on all strategic matters. Harry and I will keep our daily communication open and we’ll continue building our 10+ years business relationship and friendship.

@Harry — this is your era, you deserved it and now go and kick some ass!

Harry G, Q's new CEO

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Filip Ljubic, Q's new Chairman

Filip Ljubic

Founder and Chairman

Filip is a passionate leader with a strong international background with over 15 years of executive experience. In his free time, he loves being in nature, hiking, and enjoying family time with his 3 kids.