February 6, 2020 - 2 min

Testival Meetup


Paula Kovacevic

Head of Operations

Quality Assurance engineers serve as the gatekeepers for ensuring that only products that meet certain quality standards get shipped. We are excited to be collaborating with the *Testival* meetup group to create this opportunity for learning about and discussing technologies and best practices in the QA field.


This time Dora and Karlo shared a lot of useful info.

Our Dora who is a QA Engineer discussed the challenges testers are facing in mobile app testing and what types of mobile app testing are performed. She presented the advantages of emulators and real devices for mobile apps testing. After a short presentation and discussion, there was an interactive demo with a demonstration of mobile app testing on real devices and emulators.

Then Karlo took the stage. He said: “Software testers are responsible for creating test data. They can do it manually or using testing tools, but it is their responsibility. Here we explain the concept of self-verifying data oracle.”

It was a full house of inquisitive minds.

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Paula Kovacevic

Head of Operations

Paula is the Head of Operations, working on process improvement and developing the company's quality level. She is a Certified Internal Auditor for Quality Management and soon-to-be a Six Sigma Green Belt Master. She strives to keep processes simple and clients happy.