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Swiss Projects: Selected Works by Q


Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

Croatia and Switzerland are in the same time zone and the flight connections are perfect. We share a similar culture, religion, and customs. For almost 400 years, Croatia was a part of the Habsburg Monarchy, which draws its roots from the Swiss canton of Aargau.

To this day, the Swiss — Croatian relations remain strong and we are pleased to say that Q has become a trusted technology partner in Switzerland and the DACH region:

Q — Revenue by Market

The Q machine runs like clockwork and so do the Swiss. We are proud to support some of the most disruptive Swiss startups, as well as established corporations with global impact.

Industry Leaders We Work With


You don’t often get the chance to work on one of the country’s most popular websites, but we were lucky enough to be recognized by Comparis — a giant player in the space of Web platforms, with 80 million visits per year. Their users can easily compare dierent prices across Switzerland, from new iPhone to vehicles and properties, or even insurance providers, banks, telecoms, and hospitals.

Comparis.ch — One of the most visited Websites in Switzerland

Comparis is a leader in comparison as a service space. Our team is helping develop the Comparis platform — working on both frontend, as well as the backend comparison algorithm, and introducing new features for over 3 years now, and we are motivated as ever to keep on doing so.

3A Composites

An engineering company so powerful that they plant their own forests in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea, 3A Composites is a global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials made of PET foam and balsa wood. The Airex brand is a vital part of the 3AC group. This part of the company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality foam products, like rehabilitation mats, balance pads, yoga mats, and many more.

3AC has impressive clients: from Airbus & Boeing — to Roger Federer & Cristiano Ronaldo

Q helped 3AC, and two of the company’s main brands in their rebranding process, assisting them with the entire corporate identity redesign, new logotypes, product catalogs, and completely new websites. In collaboration with a Croatian branding company Fabular, Q created new brand books, as well as all online and oline company materials. Q was in charge of the UX & UI Design, and the development of the client’s new web presence.


This industry champion is the fastest growing construction company in Switzerland, building 900 new apartments as we speak. With Artisa, we’re currently working on a smart IoT Web and Mobile home apps that want to automate the process of renting and managing the apartments.

Artisa Tower in Zurich — Artisa is the Top Growing Swiss Construction Company

With our solution, you can reserve and manage the apartment without ever seeing the owner, and furthermore, you can unlock your new home via the app, report malfunctions using the app ticketing system, and even control the cleaning service. This data is cleverly stored and learned from by Artisa, and we’re only talking about stage one of the project.

Swiss Post

We’ve managed to become a partner of the Swiss Post, helping them establish the Web presence of a company they are backing — Mr. Green. The goal of Mr. Green is truly a noble one.

Swiss Post — Mr. Green

They are a socially responsible company that provides bags whose contents will be recycled. They also ensure pickup of the bags, employ people with disabilities, form recycling plans to create social added value, and provide meaningful employment. Q definitively aims to be more involved in the technology-for-good movement.

Famous Brands We Help Digitalize

Nestlé — Purina

What do you celebrate on October 4th? If you own a pet, chances are you’ve heard of World Animal Day. For that occasion, together with the amazing crew at Havas Geneve, we’ve built a Web platform for Nestlé’s strongest brand in the industry of pet products (and one of the biggest ones in general).

Nestlé Purina — Saint Louis

Users were able to tell stories about their pets, share pictures, and much more. By doing that, they’ve entered the competition that had a primary purpose of celebrating the love everyone feels for their pets. This campaign brought Purina amazing results in terms of customer participation, content sharing, and many other relevant marketing metrics.


Although not strictly a Swiss company, Hilti is often viewed as such. This #1 Power Tool company in the world is doing some amazing work worldwide, and we are honored to help out in the process. Our expert team is actively working on the development of their oicial Web portal and Webshop where we’re counting the pages in hundreds.

HILTI and Q are partners for over 3 years

Also, we are working on their Web and Mobile apps where companies that use Hilti tools have an option to organize their construction site, see which worker is using which machine, have all info about the current state of the project, and organize workers. We’re talking about an ongoing collaboration of 3 years now.


KJUS is one of the most pre-eminent luxury ski-wear companies in the world. This amazing Swiss brand carries the name of Lasse Kjus, a Norwegian skiing legend. To keep up with this heritage, KJUS produces only high-end jackets and complementary equipment for facing rough conditions with style.

KJUS marketing eorts are supported by Q

Working with KJUS is amazing, every new jacket they produce is a new opportunity for Q to go all out with design and creative suggestions, as well as developing them in the end. Our collaboration so far has resulted in some of the nicest landing pages you can find in the industry, from top-quality golfing jackets like Pro 3L to skiing jackets like Freelite. Many more will come!

Startups We Help Grow

MaxBrain — University of St. Gallen

One of the best stories ever to come out of the Q oices is without a doubt MaxBrain, a spin-o company of the University of St. Gallen, one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in Europe. Together with the amazing Swiss team, Q has built from scratch a “central platform”, which is a learning management system (LMS), as well as an ERP system for their students & sta, where everyone has access to all relevant info.

St. Gallen University

For instance, students can see their schedule, exams, grades, learning materials; professors can upload their materials, finance can see who paid the tuition, etc. It quickly became a popular LMS & ERP solution which is now sold worldwide to universities and big companies which invest in employee education. We still have 11 people developing the solution full-time and the future is looking bright.

Wingtra — ETH Zürich

You can only hope to encounter such a group of enthusiastic geniuses, the kind of which we’ve joined forces with at the Autonomous Systems Lab, at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Wingtra is an ETH Zürich spin-o company with an important mission and the results to back it up — such as the Swiss Excellence Product Award. They are the world’s leading VTOL (vertical take-o and landing) drone producer, with more than 1.000 customer flights already done.


The Wingtra drone is powered by two electric motors and it is designed primarily for use in precision agriculture and surveying roles, or for light payload delivery to rural areas. Obviously, we cherish this young and innovative partner of ours, whom we’ve helped establish a strong Web footprint and new projects are on the way.

Komed Health

This team of Swiss innovators is successfully improving “patient care delivery through intelligent communication. Komed Health is dedicated to transforming healthcare communication to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to deliver the best in class patient care, and ultimately save lives. Q is proud to be a part of this initiative.

Secure and powerful real-time communication platform.

Q has formed a dedicated team of frontend and backend developers, led by a project manager, to help this Zürich-based startup hit the needed targets on the technology front. We have a clear and direct relationship with the Swiss team, operating as a single unit, while decisions are made smoothly during the regular sessions we have together.


An amazing team of global Fintech experts formed Bitnautic — a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its primary purpose is matching the demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers, and exporters.

BitNautic — The Revolution of Naval Logistics

Except using Blockchain technology and the newest solutions in Web development (courtesy of Q), Bitnautic has an AI-based booking system, real-time tracking of ships and cargo, as well as an e-commerce platform. We enjoy working with Bitnautic, currently, we’re developing their Smart Wallet solution and revamping their very Web platform, prior to which we’ve delivered a truly unique landing page and lots of visuals. Keep an eye out for this team!

What’s Next?

We’re always looking to meet new local industry movers and shakers, don’t be a stranger — our Swiss oice is located at Forchstrasse 84, Zurich. You can always reach out to Q’s Key Account Manager for DACH, yours truly.

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Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

Adrian is mag.oec. who combines his economical profession with his love of tech and the processes involved in building high-end digital solutions. He is a multi-lingual expert and the one who always has a compliment in his sleeve, accompanied by a business offer.