December 8, 2019 - 2 min

Revolutionary 3D medical app


Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical aids, Medi, has recognized us as its partner and associate in the development of the latest technology. The application uses a special camera for the most accurate 3D measurement of body parts.


We were selected by a German company Medi with more than 2,700 employees worldwide, one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids, who was looking for a partner that could turn their vision into reality, to go one step further. Medi’s primary mission is to raise the quality of life, and through its hundreds of years of experience, successfully develops aids used by thousands of patients. However, they decided to oer something innovative to their customers.

Collaboration with Medi takes place on several levels, from strategy planning, development, and design. The innovative solution and the entire process is performed automatically through a single interface. The most attractive part, of course, is scanning the selected body part and creating a precise 3D model that can be rotated by the user in an interactive virtual space on the iPad.

‘Technology has facilitated daily human activities and improved life in many areas. Any such innovation is actually a major step forward, especially in medicine. The solution we developed for Medi will greatly facilitate the selection of medical supplies. It’s a step further because it automatically sends and processes the resulting measures in a webshop to recommend the sizes and characteristics of medical devices that will be completely customized for each user individually.’ – explains our CEO Filip Ljubic.

So far in terms of using the latest technologies, we stepped into the field of medical supplies that have been neglected. Faster and more accurate measurements allow them to move completely away from the pen-and-paper method. In addition, this application oers many options for the user. Various specifications can be selected such as shapes, colors, grip intensity, and other features of accessories like various dentures, corsets, supports, compression socks, bandages…

The app is already being used in German pharmacies and specialty stores, and will soon be available in other Medi-operated markets across Europe, as well as in the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Russia, and Australia, which is a large number of patients who will benefit from this innovation in selecting the right aids and thus recovering as quickly as possible.

‘Speed, precision, and innovation are certainly three words that can describe this application. Medi is a company that wants to provide advanced service to be ahead of our time. We are proud to have a part in this worldwide project.’ – said our CEO Filip Ljubic.

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