February 2, 2020 - 6 min

Q’s Clients in the US


Nikola Raguz

Key Account Manager

After we had positioned ourselves as a trusted vendor for leading European companies, we pushed forward to do the same in the US. In these few years, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups in the US on various projects. We take special pride in the following projects.

1. ManPower Group

We partnered up with ManPower Group on several dierent projects, the biggest one being the global assessment platform for their Assessment and Recruitment department. The platform enables companies to assess employees, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and create their unique profile.

Assessment platform for the US largest staing & recruiting firm

All candidates, from contractors to temporary positions, go through a series of assessments so that Manpower can validate them, and also give them directions & tips for professional development, as ManPower oers training services. Suppose a company engages ManPower to fill their 20 open positions; ManPower will assess potential candidates through our platform and match the company with the fitting candidates.


When USPS started implementing Salesforce through the entire company, they needed a trusted external partner to help them out with this ambitious initiative. Q stepped in with our experienced team of backend engineers and additional related experts which helped guide the client through all stages of the project.

Salesforce implementation for world’s most significant post-service

More precisely, the Q team worked on a series of integrations between Salesforce and USPS systems. By the end, the key targets were met and the system is still being used actively by a large number of the USPS sta. The project was year-long, and our Java team collaborated on it with our Irish & US partners on this large scale product.

3. HomeExchange

HomeExchange was one of the first projects on US soil by Q, and it was a big one. We created a dedicated team of developers and designers who helped grow their business once we took over the platform’s tech aspect. HomeExchange is a vacation alternative where you stay at someone’s home while they stay at yours, but not always simultaneously.

World’s #1 Home Exchange platform

Since they began 15 years ago, they grew to more than 65,000 home listings in 150 countries, won the USA Today award for the best travel website & became an industry leader. The whole production (Design & Development) was moved from freelancers to Q, and Q helped the client grow its business until the point the client did an “exit” for 34 million dollars.

4. eHealth Unicorn

Telemedicine & eHealth have steadily grown over the past decade, but the pandemic escalated its adoption. Some companies are ahead of the pact and are pushing this change. Q works hand in hand with a New York-based eHealth company that disrupts the market and creates new ways of providing health services.

Transforming the healthcare experience

They serve in around 100+ countries and have served 25+ million members in 2019 with their Web & Mobile apps. The apps enable remote consultations with doctors, online scheduling of doctor’s appointments, and many more services in the eHealth domain. We have three agile teams working on dierent projects within the company, and most of them are focused on their core services.

We work on both web and mobile development with our team of BAs, PMs, Engineers, Testers, and UX&UI Designers in close collaboration with NYC headquarters.

5. Beazer Homes

Beazer Homes USA, Inc. is a home construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are one of the largest homebuilders in the United States based on the number of homes developed, and they operate in 13 states. Q collaborated with them on the Mortgage Choice platform.

Mortgage Choice platform to ease up the loan process

The platform’s key functionality is to ease up home mortgages so homebuyers can easily connect with banks and get better rates. After the user registers and puts in the preferable loan options, he is oered dierent options by the bankers in his area.

6. Onboarding platforms for Fortune 500 companies

Usually, onboarding of the new employee happens when they start working in the company – and they are handed a boring 50 pager PDF about processes, company culture, etc. We streamlined and gamified this boring process before starting to work for a company.

Gamification of onboarding for world’s largest companies

This way, all new employees go through a series of videos, games, and quizzes. They learn about their position, the company’s culture, and rules in a fun way. Users earn points, badges, and once they collect enough points, they are successfully on-boarded.

7. GENE-5

GENE-5 is Michigan based startup accelerator supporting the development & growth of cutting-edge startups relying on emerging technologies. Gene-5 & Q have formed an agile team that supports various projects that are developed simultaneously. The team comprises various experts covering: data science, front-end, back-end & mobile development.

Resource allocation between projects is coordinated by the Agile Project Manager in close collaboration with the PO from the client’s side.

Inventive Solution to Fight COVID-19 in bars & restaurants

The most prominent solutions we delivered are Temp Protect & Guest Protect, the 360 solutions for customer and employee safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. The solution relies on integration with smart thermometers, which scan the visitors as they walk in and ensure that visitors’ body temperature is not above average.

8. Deeper Signals

Deeper Signals is transforming the way organizations develop and deploy their talent. Their scalable and data-driven coaching tools are designed to inspire individuals, guide development, and empower leaders with the information necessary to build strong teams, fuel innovation, and drive performance.

Innovative assessments and digital coaching platform

The primary tool they use to do so is their Assessment platform, and Q’s team has the complete technical and design ownership of the platform. We started with the MVP, and then we built up the product from a simple assessment & candidate grading platform to an enterprise-level product. Our team built a robust product with which Deeper Signals can accomplish several tasks, including managing and billing their clients and customizing designs.

9. Thomas Net

ThomasNet is developing hundreds of websites for its clients every year. To help them meet the ever-growing market demand, Q has developed an Oxygen framework/website builder with modules and templates to meet the demand. A content library for the modules and a WordPress framework for it.

Unique solution for US leading sourcing platform and marketing powerhouse

The Oxygen framework is the library of reusable components that can be used on multiple projects with minimal modifications, saving time, and money for the end clients. Every module is built using the Oxygen page builder added to the module library. The reasons behind using Oxygen for clients are much faster development if the designer uses modules; every new design is added to the library.

It can be reused; the client’s turnover is much quicker as the presentational sites can be made in two weeks.

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Nikola Raguz

Key Account Manager

Nikola is Key Account Manager at Q responsible for the US market. A liaison between clients and the company, working on connecting what the client needs with the company’s strategies and solutions.