December 21, 2021 - 2 min

Q won the Grand Prix Best Employer Brand Award… and 5 more!


Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

A good employer brand means many things, amongst which easier hiring and better employee retention are just the tip of the iceberg. As we always say, Q begins and ends with its people, and we’ve been working hard on putting those words into action.

When we heard about the Best Employer Brand Adria competition, we saw an opportunity to gather all we did in the past year, go through the results, review it, and see if we are on a good path of building something more out of our company and brand. So we started collecting all the projects and initiatives we do for our employees and how we present ourselves in the public and community. And oh boy, little did we know how much work is ahead.

Soon enough, we had over 200 application presentation slides of who we are as a company, the Bible of our Employer Brand. The application process takes a few months, and the judging panel chooses winners for all categories, except for the People’s Voice Award.

Award Ceremony

Finally, after the extensive preparation, the final evening and results were here. The categories in which we won are:

  • Regional Grand Prix

  • Best Employer Brand – Medium Companies

  • Best Employer Brand – IT Sector

  • Best Employer Brand Team

  • Best Creative Campaign

  • People’s Voice Award

Best Employer Brand – Medium Companies and Best Employer Brand – IT sector include comprehensive employer brand strategy implementation, internal and external brand communication, creative solutions, quality of campaigns, innovation, and achieved results.

Best Employer Brand Team
 Award goes for the extensive work in being Q ambassadors and leading by example. The teams involved in these actions are Communications, People&Culture, Talent, and Operations.

Producing video content for internal and external communication needs was our highlight of 2021. Our YouTube channel transformed our communication and earned us the Best Creative Campaign Award.

The public vote got us the People’s Voice Award for our Q Values video, representing our three core values.

The Communications team receiving a Grand Prix award.

Thank you, Qumans!

Winning 6 awards that evening, being the most awarded company, and becoming the Grand Prix Award winner was not something we’d expected, for sure. But after seeing all our eorts and results in one place, we knew we deserved it. The actions we put into our people and making Q a desirable employer exponentially grow each year, and we won’t stop any time soon!

Still, it is indescribable what getting these awards means to us. They are a huge recognition of our eorts, dedication, teamwork, and patience. In 2021, we focused on people more than ever before and worked across several departments to improve employee satisfaction.

But obviously, the lion’s share of our employer branding comes from our Qumans, so thank you all for making this happen.

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Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

She is a marketing and PR enthusiast responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans. Classy girl with a bit of hood in her, and an attitude which she loses when there’s a dog nearby.