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Q Projects in Germany


Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

Croats love Germany — over 400.000 of them reside there permanently. Germans are also fans of Croatia, especially during the warm summer months. As the two countries have been diplomatic and trade partners for decades now, for Q it made perfect sense to start developing its German operations from the company’s very inception. We’ve created a number of advanced software solutions that are already thriving on the German market.

Mobile Applications


The Lufthansa Group has more than 135,000 employees worldwide. Lufthansa puts a lot of focus on keeping their customers happy and providing them with real-time info. This is why the Q team joined forces with them.

Lufthansa Airbus A380

Together, we’ve delivered a high-end Mobile Chat solution. Q has developed and implemented an interactive interface that allows their Customer Support sta to be on top of all past and current requests. Instead of the traditional static contact forms, Lufthansa provided its customers with an interactive experience, through which they can quickly resolve all possible issues that fly in.


Medi, based in Bayreuth, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical aids. Following the motto “medi. I feel better”, around 2,700 employees worldwide help people increase their quality of life. Acting as a catalyst between the medical industry and specialist retailers, medi develops indication-appropriate treatment aids for the patient’s benefit.

Medi — World’s Leading Medical Aids Manufacturer

In the area of technology — medi doesn’t lack innovation either. With Q on their side, medi will oer an extensive solution to its customers where they will be able to create 3D scans of their body parts and send the measurements directly to medi’s webshop. This process is fully automatic and handled through a single interface. Based on the measurement, the API we’ve created will return the most appropriate item to the customer. Excellence in Medicine, combined with superior software — don’t you feel better already?


ViveLaCar is an ambitious project, backed by some of the leading German automotive investors and experts. The company has a mission to make driving more flexible and stress-free than ever. This is currently being accomplished with the help of the solution built by the Q team.

Mobility must be flexible and fit every living situation.

We’ve developed an application for the partners in the ViveLaCar network, where they can easily carry out and manage their car transfers. On the other side, the end-users can browse through a wide array of vehicles, choose their desired mileage package, and make bookings at a fixed price. The vehicles are immediately available and customers can easily access them through the broad ViveLaCar partner network.

MPC Capital

MPC Capital is an international real asset and investment management company that focuses on 3 core segments — real estate, infrastructure, and shipping. They specialize in the development and management of niche real asset investments and investment products for international institutional investors, family oices, and professional investors.

MPC Capital HQ in Hamburg

Alongside the expert team at MPC Capital, Q delivered a secure solution for their ship inspectors. The iOS App allows them to keep track of their inspections and furthermore gives them the ability to compare the current state of the ship to the one found in the previous rounds of inspections. Easily attaching all types of media formats to each inspection is one of the key features. The whole user journey is completed by assigning a digital signature after the inspection is completed. Q is also working more in the Shipping Industry, helping digitalize it.


This dating app has a unique twist — it is focused solely on connecting pre-selected local individuals, with a strict list of checkpoints they must pass — no exceptions! As the mayze founders would say, it’s hard to fall in love online with all the spam that is always present. By using mayze, the candidates can build their profiles and interact via an integrated chat platform.

mayze — The Premium Dating App

Q has created this iOS application from scratch, following the investor’s guidelines, but assisting in the business analysis process as well. Apart from the regular functionalities that you would expect in a dating app, mayze features an advanced dashboard for the admins to scan the applicants. Furthermore, the app is equipped with an Events module, where the users can get invitations to exclusive happenings in their city.

Augmented Reality Solutions


Vaillant is the World leader in the field of products for heating, cooling, and hot water. The company welcomes a number of visitors to their HQ in Remscheid, Germany. As their products are quite complex to understand if you’re not a specialist in the field of boilers and heating/cooling systems, Vaillant wants to bring the entire experience closer to anyone who comes to their facilities.

Augmented Reality Factory-Tour (source)

Visitors are guided through the factory by a tour guide and every visitor gets an iPad. On specific locations in the factory, the app shows exactly what is being produced in the plant with cool interactive animations. The tour guide has complete control over AR content which the visitors see. If the visitor wants to find a certain part of the factory, an AR rabbit — the famous green one from the logo — leads the way and the visitor follows.


VW is the largest automaker in the world — constantly innovating the industry and coming out with fresh ideas and solutions. Q is proud the be a force behind one of them — and it is a cool one!

Volkswagen seeMore App (source)

Based on VW’s concept, we were a part of a team that developed an AR solution for the application that was primarily built for VW salespeople in car dealerships or fairs. There, you can only have several car models, but VW wants to showcase them all. The app allows the users to scan a car in a magazine or do the same with a real car in front of them, using a phone or tablet. In real-time, you can change the car color, wheels, components, see its performance, or see how the car interior would look like if you decide to treat yourself with a better package.


Tribeapp is a high-tech startup — aiming to disrupt various industries by utilizing the AR technology. The solution allows its users to create a ready-to-use avatar from a single photo or short video. The avatar can be instantly animated in real-time. Also, it collects rich visual emotional feedback — this feature helps businesses to understand their online visitors. Furthermore, due to the conversational A.I., the avatar can react to users’ feelings immediately.

Tribeapp — What is the most natural interface? A face.

We’ve been collaborating with the founding team from the early days in order to bring their idea and concept to a technologically advanced level. Today, it’s already winning awards (like the EU Startup Summit), raising more investments, and attracting new users daily. This is just Phase 1 — everyone is excited about building new features and making Tribeapp an industry leader.

Web Development Projects

Constantin Film

Did you know that Constantin Film has released 36 of the 100 most successful German films of the last 20 years? This German film production and distribution leader has no shortage of creativity and drive for innovation, and to back this up with perfect technological execution, they needed a strong partner. Q jumped in to provide just that.

Constantin Film has had a decisive influence on German film over the past 40 years

Together with a top-notch German design team from Astral Kreativ, Q helped Constantin Film with their ambitious digitization eorts. The primary focus was on building a robust, but user-friendly Web platform that allows their fans to get insights into the newest titles from Constantin Film showing in the cinemas, get informed about the movie premieres on all German TV networks, and also to browse through the database of their movies available on DVD, Blue Ray and for download. The platform is successfully running on the company’s primary domain.

Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin is Germany’s largest international network of innovators. Today, it counts over 3,000 members from over 70 nations and collaborates with the most disruptive startups and corporations. Brightest minds across various fields join forces in the Factory.

Factory Berlin — Germany’s largest international network of innovators

Q and Factory have been digital partners from the early days. We’ve collaboratively created an entirely custom-made WordPress website based on the client’s design. It included an integration with the Events calendar and Google calendar, which is used by Factory to inform all interested parties about the upcoming activities. The whole approach to website development was modular so the Factory administrators can create their own pages — module by module. The content on the Website is amazing, visit if you will.

Koenig & Bauer — Company Behind 95% of the World’s Banknotes

Many of us work in cool and interesting industries. While we are o doing that, the experts at Koenig & Bauer print money — quite a tempting position to be in. All joking aside, a true fact is that Koenig & Bauer is the oldest printing press manufacturer in the world still in service.

Koenig & Bauer — Metal Print

A statistic that is even more interesting is that 95% of the banknotes used in the whole world are printed on KBA’s printers. Q has created the whole Frontend for one of the client’s most popular “money-makers” and it helps a lot of workers do their every-day tasks, navigating through a dashboard with a perfectly designed User Interface.

Zizoo — World’s #1 Boat Rental Platform

Zizoo is currently the World’s largest online boat holiday platform, also referred to as “Booking.com for boats and yachts”. There you can find over 21,000 boats across 500 destinations worldwide. Zizoo makes it easy for travelers to find the right boat by simplifying the selection and booking process.

Zizoo — World’s #1 Boat Rental Platform

Q has been a partner of Zizoo for more than 5 years. Continuously and to this day, Q is regularly helping Zizoo with critical phases of their growth. We are doing this by assigning top experts to take on Zizoo’s challenging Development and Design tasks. Q’s ability to scale its teams up — or — down, depending on the client’s needs, represents an optimal way to increase the speed and eiciency of each project delivery.

What’s next?

Q is proud to announce the opening of a new oice — Hamburg, Germany. All contact info can be found at q.agency. Don’t be a stranger.

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Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

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