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Q clients in the UK


Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

For the last 5 years, Q has been working in 20 countries worldwide and the UK has been one of our best markets. We’ve successfully launched dozens of products with our UK partners and many of them had a large impact and reach on the users.

The aim of the article is to further dive into some of the most exciting projects we did in the UK. We’re proud to be working with some of the most famous UK brands, startups, and enterprises, helping them grow and reach new markets. Our work included anything from software development, UX&UI design, branding — everything that was needed to support these companies in their digital growth.

1. The Times

We partnered up with The Times, the UK’s largest publisher which owns famous media brands like The Sun, Sunday Times, and The Times. This is a product we’re especially proud of because we were able to use our expertise and know-how in web development, UX and UI design, and overall product management and product placement.

The Times Expert Traveller — your #1 destination to book a trip

Times Expert Traveller combines the knowledge of The Times travel experts to create inspirational articles and travel advice on one hand and enables users to create unique custom travel experiences for themselves on the other. Whether the users want to explore new cultures or enjoy a luxury vacation, Expert Traveller oers an unforgettable holiday exclusively curated for them.

The entire platform was built from scratch by Q Team

2. BBC

The BBC’s TV show Pandemic was aired in 2017 and the main purpose of the show was to raise awareness among the citizens on how fast can a deadly virus outbreak spread. We were in charge of building an app that was featured as the number one medical app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Voted for #1 UK Medical App in ‘Apple Store’ and ‘Google Play

Q created an app that is intuitive, easy to use but at the same time very precise in simulating how fast can a virus spread throughout the UK. Users were tracked based on their GPS location, and each user can be a virus carrier. If users happen to be in the same place, there’s a chance that they will transfer a virus to each other. This was the first time scientists have simulated and collected valuable data that humankind never had before about the spread of viruses among the population. This data is now being used in research on how to prevent and stop the virus spread worldwide.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?…BBC Pandemic Trailer

3. Smart Pension

Smart Pension is a London based FinTech company which although relatively new to the UK pension market, are proven innovators and potential future leaders of the industry. Their platform enables various companies and also individuals to manage their investments in pension funds, educate their users through E-learning, and generally help their clients make sound and smart decisions for their future.

Smart Pension is one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in London

They are currently expanding their business in the US, Canada, and other European countries. Our team is fully integrated and actively working on the development of Smart Pension’s web application.

Smart Pension is one of the largest UK providers of pensions

4. GAA

Even though Gaelic football isn’t a very popular sport in Croatia, that didn’t stop us to build the platform for the Gaelic Athletic Association. GAA, as it’s popularly known, is one of the largest sporting and cultural organization in Ireland and the UK. For them, we built an oicial iOS and Android App which at the moment has over 3,5 million active members. The application itself is quite robust and complex as it manages all events, schedules, clubs, players, teams.

GAA has over 3,5 million members

As a user, you can create your own amateur league and have all in one management solution for the whole league. It also has the News Feed for all news related to your league. What is interesting about this project is that GAA already had an app with similar functionalities — so why did we build a new one? We built it because they wanted to have a white-labeling solution that can be sold and used by any other big sports organizations worldwide which they are successfully doing as we speak.

The GAA Oicial App — one of the biggest sporting organizations in Europe

5. Ginetta

If you’re into fast racing cars, you probably heard of Ginetta. For one of the most famous British sports car manufacturer, in collaboration with an agency Retrofuzz, we built an entire Online Racing Center for the Ginetta Championship, including the racing dashboards and promotional website and a webshop.

UK’s leading racing car manufacturer

The web app enables you to explore all Ginetta cars, but also a sleek Racing Centre and a dashboard for all Ginetta drivers, sta, clients, and sponsors with placements, past and future races, a news feed, discounts, etc. You can also buy merchandise or schedule a test race if you want to try any of the Ginetta models.

Online Racing Center for the Ginetta Championship

6. Northern Ireland Tourism Board

In collaboration with our partner agency Made to Engage from Belfast, we developed an app that is promoting Northern Ireland as a unique destination for tourists and investors worldwide. The project was developed for Northern Ireland Tourism Board and it’s a presentational project created to showcase a map of Northern Ireland and its regions through an interactive smooth experience. Each region would present the user with interesting economic data about the region itself and also show a number of animated pins on the map.

Interactive map of Northern Ireland

The pins would show detailed information about certain investment opportunities or interesting attractions in the specific region. Each pin would showcase economic data, image gallery, and video player. Users could swiftly explore the map on a big 94-inch touch screen or one of 6 pads also presented in the exhibition.

Belfast City Hall

7. Almac

We’ve partnered up with Almac, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies from Northern Ireland to work on their TempEZ project. It’s a complex and sophisticated system that enables tracking of temperatures for various pharmaceutical products during their shipment from one location to another making sure the pharma products are shipped with care.

Our team is actively working on Almac’s TempEZ project

The monitor that displays the temperature is a device that is shipped alongside the pharmaceutical products and it’s constantly measuring the temperature of the products. The data that is collected from those devices are uploaded into the TempEZ system and used to determine if the content was exposed to harmful conditions. Afterward, the system also determines what are the best steps moving forward in regards to the transported products.

#1 pharma company in NI — £500 mil. revenue and 5.000 employees

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Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

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