January 26, 2021 - 3 min

Q Became a Verified Member of the Pangea Community!


Vedran Tolic

Founder and CBO

So happy and proud to announce that Q is now part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea! We’re looking forward to new opportunities and simplifying the process of finding world-class talent and healthy vendors.

Our journey with Pangea

In today’s globalized, competitive environment, it’s important to adapt to change and execute a long-term strategy. Q has a cadre of top-shelf professionals, and with Pangea, we can bring in even more challenging and successful projects and collaborations.

Having a Pangea profile is an opportunity to be side-by-side with the best companies in this industry and gain recognition among customers. We believe new clients will recognize our unique and strong Q culture, which will help us stand out in the crowd.

Pangea has developed and facilitated the verification process through extensive guidelines, reviews, and excellent and responsive support, so it was not challenging to complete all the necessary steps. They made sure we were always on the right track!

We dedicated one person who led the project, set deadlines, Gantts, tasks, shared responsibility between people, and ensured that everything was done on time. The verification process just reminded us why we work so well as a team.

Happy to announce that Q is now on the Pangea list!

What we learned

Throughout the verification process, we overviewed everything we achieved and got useful insights into what we can improve and work on in the future. Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and look at the broader picture. That’s what made this journey valuable to us.

We value true partnership and straightforward communication with both clients and members of our team. The result of a 9.3 client score proved to us we’ve chosen the right track in our work. People always come first, and you can never fail with an honest approach.


Through this process, we learned we need to work as one to achieve great things. The news about being verified by Pangea made us all closer and proud, especially when we saw the outstanding scores. Every step of the Pangea process reminded us of the importance of teamwork, and that’s why we LOVED it!Filip, CEO

Even though it is still quite over the industry’s average, our lowest score was Project management score with 8.9. It is crucial to continue improving and growing, and we can always be better than yesterday. Increasing this score will be our focus in the future.


Our excellent customer service, large market presence, leadership in product innovation, and personal relationships with customers led Q to the place we are today. However, we believe that expanding knowledge and improving weak spots are never-ending processes necessary on an ongoing basis for a successful business.Dalibor, COO

Strategy workshops with clients at Q. We include our clients in every detail from idea to final product.

New Chapter

Being on Pangea’s top 7% vendor list is an acknowledgment to our people who worked hard to bring Q where it is today. And today, Q is home to experts in dierent fields, people who love their jobs, and teams that want to grow and learn.

We want to create an interesting and challenging environment for Qumans, and the best way to do so is by bringing quality and challenging projects. We continue to attract, retain, and motivate the right people for our current and future business needs.

Being present on Pangea will help us build a motivational, challenging, prospering, and ambitious workplace by creating new business and collaboration opportunities. We hope that our scores and results will keep the positive trend, and Pangea – we are ready for you!

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Vedran Tolic

Founder and CBO

Vedran is the Founder and CBO at Q agency, currently leading our London office. He is experienced in business and product development and connects the two worlds while helping clients grow their digital products. Besides, he is the best burger maker in the world, trust us.