December 23, 2021 - 3 min

Oops, We Did It Again! Q Is the Best Employer, Second Year in a Row!


Anja Oppenheim Baresic

HR Manager

We are Croatia’s Best Employer for the 2nd year in a row, according to an anonymous survey conducted among our employees by MojPosao, the leading employment website in the region. As well as last year, we competed in the mid-size companies category.

And what about next year? We hired over 100 new Qumans this year and plan to at least match that number next year. So we are curious to see what 2022 brings! But first, let’s take a look at our 2021 results.

Good old recipe with new improvements

A year ago, we implemented Peakon, an advanced employee success platform that converts employee feedback into actionable insights. Our main motive behind every survey is to understand our employees better, especially what motivates them, and put eort into making Q an even better place for all of us!

So, since our last participation in this MojPosao competition, which brought us our Best Employer 2020 Award, we diligently measured our engagement drivers through Peakon on a monthly basis and continued to take action. That’s why this year’s award, despite the always fierce IT competition, didn’t come as a big surprise.

Anja, our Head of People & Culture

So how did we score? Even better than last year.

  • 98% of employees would recommend Q to their friends and family (vs. 93% in 2020)

  • 94% of our employees are feeling engaged at work (vs. 90% in 2020

  • Our highest-ranked categories are: Challenging work, Loyalty, and Working conditions

Our biggest improvements, according to 2021 survey results, are in:

  • Work organization (and we’ve been working on this a lot!)

  • Work conditions (we are happy to oer even better benefits and salaries)

  • Decision involvement (especially regarding familiarity with the company business results and the operations of other departments)

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Peter Drucker said it (or didn’t), but we agree with the saying anyway. 🙂

We have received confirmation that the eort we invest in brings real results. Here are some of the things we measured, insights we had, and actions we took:

1. Corporate Communication: Employees appreciate transparency, even when bad news has to be delivered. When choosing between transparency and ambiguity, always choose transparency, especially in these turbulent times. Through our internal communication app, Jenz, and our video content, such as Kavica sa Sarom, Management Monthly Videos, and Tech Panel, we distribute all relevant information regularly.

2. Personal Growth: It’s defined as the feeling of growing professionally, and it has been shown as a high-impact driver in our company. We’ve seen a significant increase in both Peakon and MojPosao survey results. We attribute this increase to more structured Personal Development Plans, more internal workshops, and plenty of learning opportunities. Time and money invested in personal development are well spent!

3. Loyalty: Employees who adopt company values and goals exhibit higher levels of work enthusiasm, and they form emotional bonds with the organization. We promote our Q values and Q culture in everything we do, and this year we even dedicated an entire month to each of our values. It helped everyone recognize how they could incorporate those values into their everyday work and internalize them. We also reward our employee’s support and loyalty with small tokens of attention… or with great team gatherings. And last but not least, we perceive all of our employee engagement initiatives as a preventative approach to attrition – every little bit helps (to keep talent in the house)!

Wrapping up 2021

Thank you, Qumans, for your honest and well-intentioned feedback. For the People & Culture team, this has been a beautiful end of the year. Receiving the Best Employer Award for two consecutive years serves as a motivating recognition that we are doing a tremendously good job when it comes to employee satisfaction and engagement. And we will continue to #DoMore in 2022, as one of our values says.

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Anja Oppenheim Baresic

HR Manager

Anja is HR Manager at Q agency. Also happens to be a psychologist. Passionate about everything human in Human Resources, especially people development and employee engagement.