October 7, 2019 - 2 min

October Frontend Meetup


Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

In collaboration with the Frontend Zg, we came up with an idea to hold monthly Fronted Development meetups in our oice, where employees could learn from each other and the external community.

This time we had a new format of the meetup with one talk and a panel discussion on the topic.

Mario Janković held the talk and it was about “Introduction to Sapper”.He says: “A Framework built on top of a framework is not news. Next, Nuxt and similar frameworks have already shown that there is a target audience for this type of web application frameworks. Sapper from Svetle is a new player on the scene of SSR compatible application frameworks, and even though it’s in the early beta version it presents the easiest alternative so far.”


After the talk, we had a panel of developers ready to answer all of the questions about Sapper, SSR, and javascript frameworks.

The greatest benefit was the ability for our front-end developers to engage with our guests and each other about topics that they might not have been able to find help with on their team or in their department.


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Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

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