July 9, 2019 - 3 min

JavaScript Meetup


Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

JavaScript community reached a big milestone — they exist for more than 6 years and have finally hit meetup #50!

People already know what to expect when they come to our meetups: check-in, a tour of the oice, high-quality speakers, the chance for them to share their projects at lightning talks, a job opportunity section, and of course free snacks and drinks at our beautiful garden terrace.


The icebreaker was Jozef Képesi — CTO at kiwi.com (kiwi.com is an online travel agency with groundbreaking Virtual Interlining technology and a focus on exceptional customer service.) He said: “A few years ago, we were a bunch of cowboys trying to create the fastest flight ticket search engine. We did a lot of mistakes… But we did it with passion. I will talk about how we knew how to avoid all the issues, but at the same time, why we were not able to do it.”

After Jozef, Nikola Vranesic from Q talked about trials while building a new modern business application: MaxBrain Classroom. He touched upon the enthusiasm while starting and wanting to use the newest technologies and architectural patterns versus the time constraints and limitations that we needed to overcome. He also discussed struggles and success while balancing between developing new features and refactoring existing ones.


The event gave the opportunity for experienced community members to share their expertise, their adventures with new frameworks/concepts, cool projects, and, more generally, their experiences and inspirations.

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Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

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