March 12, 2019 - 2 min

“I want a job? I’ll get the job!”


Ljubica Duric


Our psychologist and HR expert Kristina Milković Čilić visited students at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences to share trends of the selection process in Croatia and globally. Students learned tips and tricks for how to impress potential employers and had the opportunity to put the new knowledge to the test through a simulated job interview.

Kristina covered the dierent aspects of the job application process and the importance of creating a strong CV that will catch the attention of future employers.


The workshop focused on the interviewing process, from the vacancy announcement to the final recruitment. Special attention was given to the preparation of a CV and motivation letter, everything from tips on what type of language to use to what information should definitely be excluded (e.g. your favorite food, kindergarten awards, or an inappropriate personal email address ;)).

Just as important as a good CV and motivation letter is the first impression. Kristina led the students through simulated interview situations to practice the do’s and don’ts of how to behave during a job interview. Students had the chance to practice making a good first impression in order to woo potential employers.


Kristina’s parting advice for the students was to be conscious of body language, speak clearly and confidently, and always prep before attending an interview.

Thanks to teacher Biljana Stojaković for organizing this, to the university for welcoming us and the students for their attention. 🙂 We loved getting to meet with the students and learn about their experiences and interests. We were happy to host some of the students at our Q oice for additional coaching and we are hopeful that some of them will have their first job experiences with us.


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Ljubica Duric