November 12, 2019 - 2 min

Exhibiting on WorkIn’ Science


Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

WorkIn ‘Science — WISe — that is, a career day at the Faculty of Science, organized by students and sta of the Faculty, brings together and represents companies of dierent fields of interest.


The aim of the event is to inform and familiarize students of all departments with the labor market and employment opportunities after and during their studies. WISe will bring together companies that hire people from one or more departments of the PMF, introduce students to potential employers, as well as other opportunities they are not familiar with during their studies.


WISe provided us with the opportunity to directly contact and communicate with future job applicants, as well as to create new and expand existing models of student collaboration through student practices, which consequently increases the ability to select the best and most motivated candidates.

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Kosh Pavic

Community Manager

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