February 13, 2019 - 2 min

Every client matters


Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

In today’s IT market the competition has never been tougher, and every client counts. Be it a current or a potential one, it has to be considered equally valuable and important.

No matter how often contact with the client happens, it is highly likely that it doesn’t happen often enough. According to research, companies are investing much more money in winning new clients than in maintaining a good relationship with the existing ones. In today’s digital world, communication has never been easier, but one wrong step in relationships with clients can be very expensive for the company’s reputation on the market as well as for the budget. Bad communication is something that has to be avoided if you want to survive and thrive on the market.

Therefore, smart and strong communication is crucial to keep the channels open. After the initial sale and getting together with the new client, it is most important to forge a long-lasting relationship. Nowadays, there are many options in which you can maintain and improve a relationship. Here are some of them:

  • Visiting clients at their oice from time to time because nothing beats face to face communication.

  • Being in touch by phone and email because that is an eective way of accomplishing your communication goals.

  • Being active on social media has to be part of every marketing strategy. It helps you connect with your customers/clients, increase awareness about your brand, and boosts your leads and sales.

  • Sending newsletters to inform clients about your recent business activities.

  • Organizing client events, such as seminars, workshops, parties, team buildings etc.

Overall, it is important to complete tasks/projects by due-date and in a high-quality way. One other important thing in making a good connection with the client is getting to know a person with whom you are in contact better on a personal level so you can always ask about their hobbies or families to add a personal touch.

A good relationship with clients doesn’t come overnight. It has to be built step by step, creating a stable and durable connection. Clients are like plants and you have to be a good gardener and keep watering them if you want to see the relationships grow.

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Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

Adrian is mag.oec. who combines his economical profession with his love of tech and the processes involved in building high-end digital solutions. He is a multi-lingual expert and the one who always has a compliment in his sleeve, accompanied by a business offer.