November 5, 2021 - 3 min

Digital Quest or How To Get Obsessed With Data


Jurica Lovrek

Head of Data Science Consulting

Despite all the success stories of data-driven decision-making, many fall short. So to help our clients capture the ultimate value out of data, we designed Digital Quest.

Data Science is growing up fast. The Big data market is expected to be valued at $274 billion by 2022. From C-suite to individual teams, the motto is data-driven decision making – harnessing insights from big data for smarter decisions. Despite all the success stories, a survey conducted by Accenture showed that only 32% of the companies reported realizing tangible and measurable value from data. This raises the question: why do these considerable eorts produce so little value?

The answer lies in the fact that most companies take a backward approach to Data Science by producing insights from available data. The other way around would be first to determine a decision that needs to be made and then find the data to provide insights towards the desired goal.

Therefore, aligning business strategy with data and analytics aspiration, creating analytics vision, advocating user-centric design of analytics products, and then assessing the data we have and data we need, would be a more eicient approach.

Could strategy consulting be the perfect solution then?

Well, to a certain extent, yes. Strategy consultants can help in many ways, excelling at strategy design and providing actionable, tailor-made tactics. And since digital and technology initiatives are inseparable elements of any business acceleration nowadays, traditional consulting companies naturally shift towards the technology consulting space, leveraging their vast business acumen and investing heavily in closing their digital capabilities gap.

However, crossing the chasm between traditional consulting space and digital/technology consulting space is not so easy. It often requires hands-on experience in designing and building user-centric, digital products. This is the gap many traditional consultants still need to bridge.

The key to creating the optimal data science strategy is to develop it by people who excel both in digital strategy design and state-of-the-art technology.

Where does Q fit in all this?

We combine our wealthy technology expertise with our product strategy experience to institute an approach that derives value from both business and technology management. Our product strategy know-how means that we understand how to align company strategy with the digital agenda and design data science strategy.

At the same time, we leverage our extensive hands-on digital production experience to align business needs with tech stack, IT infrastructure and organizational needs. This allows us to outline actionable initiatives that guide our clients from strategy to execution. Having technology consulting at its core, Q is progressing more naturally and swiftly towards state of the art, a data science consulting.

Data Science Consulting process

Digital Quest – capturing the unique value of your data and analytics

Digital Quest is the methodology designed by Q to guide our clients in capturing specific, digital business opportunities along their value chain. The core of Q’s Digital Quest lies in our Analytic maturity model.

It assesses a company’s digital proficiency and evaluates analytical maturity in 5 key areas:

  • descriptive,

  • diagnostic,

  • predictive,

  • prescriptive,

  • and cognitive analytics

A data science roadmap, aligned with strategic goals, is then individually developed based on where your analytics aspiration lies. To reach the full potential of your data and analytics, we guide you through six pillars of digital and analytic change: Strategy, Organization, Process, Talent, Technology, and Data.

Q Framework

Business understanding and a clear analytic vision are as important as the data itself to capture the full potential out of your data.

Feel free to reach out at if you are excited to start your own data science journey with us.

In the meantime, You can play with a demo version of our Digital Quest’s Analytic Maturity Model to see if you have potential gaps in your digital agenda. Experience Analytic maturity model showcase today and drive value towards your aspirations!

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Jurica Lovrek

Head of Data Science Consulting

Jurica is Head of Data Science Consulting with long-term experience in the consulting industry. Excelling at strategy development, he has joined Q to apply his expertise in the field of digital. Jurica has leveraged his experience to drive corporate innovation while designing analytics-driven products, services, and business models.