Cook, Eat, Bond


Food and events around food bring people together and create relationships.

We truly believe that the magic of creating a meal together inspires people to connect even better so we decided to gather all of the team leads and organize Cooking team building.
These activities are the perfect blend of good food, competition, and fun to encourage the group to work together as a team and enjoy each other’s company.

cook3.jpeg cook4.jpeg cook5.jpeg cook6.jpeg cook7.jpeg cook1.jpeg cook2.jpeg

Provided with all the necessary tools and a variety of ingredients, we entered the kitchen to prepare the menu of the day and learn specific french recipes. With the support of the Travel cook club founders, our cooking format turned into a really exciting culinary experience. Our main objective was to enjoy the time spent together. There was no fierce competition, just a lot of laughter and positive energy. It’s an unusual, engaging way to get to know each other and build or reinforce relationships with colleagues or partners.


Enjoying a glass of nice champagne while eating the French meals we prepared certainly enhanced the festive mood and communication among the team members so we will definitely come again to try some new exotic recipes.