March 31, 2021 - 4 min

Introducing Q to Algebra students


Maja Tolic

Office Manager

The Department of Algebra’s International Cooperation of the University has been organizing the International Winter School for students from all over the world for the fifth year in a row.

In January 2021, the program was online due to Covid-19 circumstances. To complement the academic knowledge from the lectures, Algebra College takes students on visits to companies that can show firsthand what their future professions look like in a real business environment.

An online visit to the Q agency was organized as part of the Digital Marketing course and drawn up to the following agenda: a virtual walk accompanied by the Oice Manager, a presentation of the Q company profile by the Head of Business Development, and a demonstration of the use of technologies related to digital marketing led by the Head of Communications.


Virtual tour de oice

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the simultaneous need to hire new professionals, Q decided to make a virtual tour of the HQ oice so all new Qumans would not be left completely deprived of this experience. HQ oice is the company’s pride, and therefore the client’s most common comments are that they cannot believe that they are in Zagreb.

For them, this building belongs to London or New York. Q’s Oice Manager, Maja, showed all the areas where Qumans work, where they have skype calls with clients, where meetings are held, and where Qumans rest, have after-work socializing and spontaneous team building. In this way, all participants in this lecture are allowed to see what it is like to be a part of the Q work environment and atmosphere.


Q Company profile

Head of Business Development, Adrian, led the Q company profile presentation. The topics covered started from what actually represents our slogan “Whatever the Q, we got an A.” The second topic was how much do various awards mean in the business world, such as the Deloitte Award for the fastest growing agency, the Clutch Awards, the European Business Awards, and others contributing to our products’ relevance.

Indicators that provide information on how fast Q is growing, its engagement, in which markets Q operates, and who are our biggest clients is a quality insight into the company’s business and the broader picture that Q oers as an employer to all young professionals.

The participants’ feedback was very positive, and the number of questions Adrian was asked tells us all about it.


Head of Communications, Ana, has been the mainstay of this lecture since the virtual visit was organized by the Digital Marketing course at Algebra College. Ana introduced her team, the Communications team’s scope, and why this department is called Communications and not Marketing as it is in most other companies.

The dierence between other Marketing departments and Q’s is that our Communications team conducts internal and external communication. Internal communication arose from the company’s needs since employee engagement and satisfaction are among its main missions. Ana explained and approached the participants in an exciting way and in what form and through which communication is carried out.

The emphasis is on all activities such as internal workshops, Q’s first standalone product- Jenz app, Management videos, and others. In addition to quality engagement and a high employee satisfaction level, external communication is crucial and not just for promotion.

Ana explained the channels, ways of communication, and the tools used to facilitate these processes through examples and situations in the last year since the establishment Communications department in Q. As Head of such a department, Ana spoke about all the obstacles faced, what it is like to be the head of a blooming department with young, ambitious women like herself and how teams can monitor their activities and projects.

Attendees were delighted with the insight into the Communications department business, Ana’s life story, whereas a young doctor reached the Head position of a software agency and the dynamics of trends and growth of the company that the department must follow.

There were a handful of questions, and in fact, a large part of the time was set aside for the participants’ questions, which was the most beautiful surprise. Q has always been generous in sharing the way we do business and bringing Q culture closer to others that we work hard on every day, and it actually sets us apart from all other companies.

That is why it is a great honor to be synonymous with good business in the IT industry. We are happy to respond to all similar projects and hope that there will be even more in the future!

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Maja Tolic

Office Manager

Maja is an Office Manager at Q agency. She is the one who ensures the whole office runs smoothly. Organizing meetings, managing databases, and transporting bookings are what her day is made of.