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Qumans have spoken and brought us the most prestigious regional award for employers for the third year in a row.

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Our team is always looking for extraordinary talent, motivated, passionate, and creative team players with the desire to bring their ideas to life and positively impact society.

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Our efforts in creating the best workplace got us 9 Best Employer Brand Adria awards. You are our priority.

Q Values


Move Fast.

Think fast and act fast.
Be pragmatic, use Occam's razor.


Be Kind.

Never lose a good heart.
Think big but stay humble.


Do More.

Always do more than people expect.
Be passionate, take the initiative.

Join Us and You Will Get a Chance To…


Boost Your Skills and Knowledge

Interesting International Projects

You will work on exceptional and stimulating projects for internationally recognized companies. We make sure you have an environment for personal development.

IT Community Involvement

Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, meet new people, and learn new things at our meetups, workshops, or conferences of your choice.

Educational Budget

Gain new knowledge and invest in your development by using your education budget ranging between 66.36 EUR to 663.61 EUR per year, based on your seniority level.

Q Academia

Q academia consists of internal workshops, lectures, and educational materials for improving hard and soft skills. Grow personally and professionally.

Inspirational Talks

Each month, famous and influential entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, and techies inspire us with an online 30-minute talk with stories about their careers and lives.

Free English Classes

Free English classes for everyone who wants to improve their business communication! Okay, their? :)


Work-Life Balance and Health

Remote Work & Flexible Working Hours

You will ALWAYS have the freedom to choose where you want to work from, and we are flexible about the time as well! So you can finally work from the beach :)

Additional and Supplementary Health Insurance

Keep your health, money, and time! Cover the basics with an annual health check-up or get a specialist physical examination at a private clinic.

100% Paid Sick Leave

If you accidentally hurt yourself trying to parkour to work or break your fingers coding, no worries - stay home and get better, buddy, 'cause we've got you covered!

Mama Start Package

Flexibility is music to a working mom's ears. We help new mothers gradually transition to work by working part-time for the first month while keeping a full salary.

Kindergarten Compensation

If you have a toddler in kindergarten, there is a possibility to get a refund of up to €557.40 - €796.32 per annum (€46.45 or €66.36 monthly, depends on seniority). Use it to buy more ice cream... for yourself, of course!

Multisport Card

Gym, tennis, pilates, or sauna & pool? We cover 50% of the Multisport card expense, so pump it up in almost any sports center for only €18.75 per month.

Wellbeing Day

Everyone needs a break sometimes, so why don't you take a paid day off and recharge? Relax, rest, and reset: enjoy nature, take a massage, or read a book.

Free Psychotherapy/Counseling Sessions

We are offering three sessions of free psychological counceling/psychotherapy or coaching. Three sessions will give people an opportunity to overcome possible resistance or lack of information related to psychotherapy or coaching. It will allow the person to gather helpful resources and explore what works for them.


But That Is Not All, Folks

Occasional Travels Around the World

We work in 20 different countries from Alaska to Dubai, so occasional biz trips are a must! Probably not to the Maldives, but we've heard Hamburg is splendid!

Team Building Budget

Each team gets a quarterly budget for activities of their choice. So even if it's just food and drinks, spend some time with your teammates and connect even better.

Loyalty Awards

If you stay with us for a few years, here's a fun milestone to look forward to! For your 3rd and 5th anniversary, you get a weekend getaway for two by your choice.

Referral Fee

Recommend your friend who would be a great fit for Q in terms of technical knowledge and culture-wise. We hope you have many friends!

Xmas Bonus & Gift For Your Children

You will get €331.80 for your Christmas bonus and an extra €132.72 for each child under 15. So make sure to get them something nice, it's Christmas!

Rental Allowance

If you are renting your apartment, the struggle is real! We want to ease it up for you, so there is a possibility of getting some extra money for rent added to your salary.

Pension Third Pillar

We don't want to burst your bubble, but everyone gets old. But you can be old carelessly with a pension third pillar which we cover based on your seniority.

Transportation Allowance

Because fuel and public transport cost until we all get electric cars or master teleportation :). You will get €47.78 each month.

Food Allowance

Nobody can perform their best on an empty stomach, right? So here is a little help to your food budget, so you never get hangry. Bon appetit!


Recourse is paid €331.81 to all employees who decide to go on a summer vacation. What a tough decision you need to make, huh?

Extra Vacation Days

Extra vacation days are added based on your role, years of work experience, number of children, etc. We value your experience and you deserve to rest.

Cryptocurrencies 100 Club

The first 100 Qumans own 1% of the total amount, and each month, EUR 1000 are invested. If someone leaves Q, the next chronologically employed person gets in!


Make Yourself At Home

Bike Parking & Scooters

We'll keep your bicycle safe while you're working. If you want to feel the wind in your hair, you can also help yourself with an electric scooter in the hall.

Fun & Lounge Zone

Here you can get your mind away from work and beat someone at FIFA, ping pong, or billiards. Or, if you're more into relaxing, grab a guitar or a book from our Q Library.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Get some coffee, fresh organic fruit (if you're into vitamins), cereals, peanuts, or your colleague's lunch leftovers…whatever you crave, at whatever time of day. ;)

Pet-Friendly Office

Feel free to bring your best friends to work, as long as they are furry and don't bite. We know it keeps the energy level up and brings joy to all, so why not?

100% Transparent Company

Monthly Management


Each month, all Management team members record the Monthly Management Video in which they cover highlights from the last month and news for the upcoming one. Funny scenes and jokes are inserted in the video to make it more enjoyable and interactive.

Coffee With Sara

Coffee with Sara is a monthly internal talk show in which our Head of People & Culture, Sara, interviews our fellow Qumans. She discusses important topics with the Management or Heads and Team Leads. Coffee with Sara gives a clear picture of the organization and culture to current, future, and potential employees.

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Jenz is our official tool for internal communication, where you can read real-time company news or connect with your coworkers by posting and commenting. On Jenz, we are creating a more transparent environment through anonymous surveys, public replies to all anonymously asked questions, and never deleting or censoring.

Check out Jenz

Peakon & Feedback Culture

We encourage giving real-time feedback, both positive and corrective. That’s why we use Peakon, an employee engagement tool designed to collect anonymous feedback and measure engagement. Through Peakon, we send out surveys once a month. In addition, Peakon enables our employees to communicate directly with their Head, Team Lead, or People & Culture, and still stay anonymous.

Salary ranges

Our salary ranges are available for all Qumans, so you know what salary you can expect based on your seniority and the technology you work in. We want to make sure that everyone knows their salary is realistic and fair compared to their colleagues.

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