Senior AWS SRE / DevOps Engineer

Croatia, On-Site, Remote

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We are looking for a Senior AWS SRE / DevOps Engineer to join our current team as we’re growing and the workload keeps getting larger. You will primarily spend your time in the console or looking at monitors - keeping an eye that something doesn’t go wrong. You will also handle our AWS servers, Terraform code, containers in staging and production environments, and communicate with developers in a day-to-day communication trying to make their lives easier.

What is it all about?

  • Writing and automating Terraform code to provision all of the infrastructure for our clients. Terraform is at the center of what we do and we love it!

  • Provisioning and configuring AWS services to ensure our client’s platforms are scalable, secure, and maintainable. We are straying away from ClickOps – Everything is Infrastructure as Code.

  • Managing Kubernetes, Docker, ECS, and Lambda to automate, provision, and orchestrate our client’s applications.

  • Building containers and container automation so all code is uniformly bundled and ready to ship to wherever our clients need.

  • Setting up and provisioning 3rd party SaaS tools. AWS can’t do everything, so tools like SonarQube, NewRelic, Sentry, Grafana, Ansible and others are part of our go-to 3rd party toolset.

  • Pipelining all the things using GitHub Actions and GitLab CI. We’re huge fans of reusable open source.

  • Scripting using Bash and Golang – Infrastructure as Code can’t cover everything, so scripting provides glue where necessary.

  • Plenty of YAML engineering – Gotta love YAML!

  • Documenting our deliverables and knowledge sharing with our clients so they’re empowered to take the reins of their platform after we hand off the project.

  • Advising our clients on the right services, tools, and products that will help solve their problems in the cloud.

  • Communicating with the client and the rest of the team via Slack.

What do we expect from you:

  • Strong interpersonal skills. You can’t be a good team member or consultant without knowing how to work with people. We value this above pretty much everything else to be honest.

  • At least 6 years experience in the software industry.

  • 3 years minimum experience in the AWS and cloud ecosystem (being familiar with Azure and GCP equivalent services).

  • Strong and practical experience with Terraform. You need to have built and managed existing infrastructure with Terraform in the past.

  • Experience with ECS / OpenShift or related container orchestration platforms.

  • Experience with Terraform / CloudFormation.

  • A strong Unix background. We work on Macs or Linux machines. We don’t do Windows.

And it would be awesome if you have...

  • A background in Software. Good software engineers make great platform engineers.

  • Experience using and setting up a Terraform framework like Terragrunt, Atmos, Terramate, or similar tool is valuable. We work with these tools because they’re a force multiplier, so if you already know the deal then you’ll fit in nicely.

  • Experience orchestrating Terraform delivery at a high level. Knowing tools like Spacelift, TF-Controller, Terraform Cloud, Atlantis, Scalr, and similar will be very valuable.

  • Crossplane, CDK, Pulumi, or CloudFormation experience. We don’t use them and we’re not going to, but more knowledge in the IaC realm is not going to hurt us.

  • Cloud security experience. We help clients work through security automation and compliance – the more experience we have in that realm, the better.

  • Programming experience with Bash, Golang, or Python.

What we offer:

  • The location choice is yours: remote, on-site or hybrid

  • Flexible working hours

  • IT community involvement — Meetups, Workshops & Articles

  • Internal workshops & personal development

  • An open source first environment. Want to work on or create new open source

    projects? This is your place.

  • 100% paid sick leave

  • Paid health insurance

  • Subvention of the Multisport card

  • Transport allowance & meal allowance

Salary range

Our salaries are based on your experience, level of knowledge & technical interview.


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