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Navigating New Horizons: The Launch of the Times Travel Platform

News UK is the largest British publishing house and they decided to partner up with Q to create a new end-to-end platform that combines traveling experience with expert knowledge.

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Innovative Workforce Solutions

Q partnered with Manpower group to build a psychological tests/assessments platform (Construct), which is being used during recruitment processes worldwide that will empower all of their end-users.

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Contactless Measurements

By thinking beyond borders and breaking new grounds Medi found a steady partner in Q with the know-how to develop Medi Vision together.

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Make the Right Decisions With Your Money

Whether it’s working out if you have enough cash to go on holiday, saving into a pension, renewing your car insurance, or paying the rent or mortgage, money tips and tricks are always welcomed by the public.

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Pandemic App

Northern Irish agency Big Motive partnered with Q to build an app that would simulate and predict future pandemic spread.

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App for a Strong Training Community

Airex is a company that produces high-quality training mats. They saw an opportunity to grow by expanding from product to service-oriented business by establishing new digital touchpoints.

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Internal Social Media Network for Companies

Jenz is a mobile app developed and verified by Q. It is an internal social network that works as the company’s live newsletter and intranet.

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Book Your Camper Adventure With Just a Couple of Clicks

FreewayCamper operates a rental station in the south of Munich and offers a wide portfolio of campers and motorhomes for every need. They continue to modernise the industry with new stations and the possibility to book campsites.

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