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Life at Q is anything but boring! We’re on a mission to find the As to the most challenging Qs of today. That makes our everyday lives more fun, our team more cohesive and our daily tasks more exciting. Are you ready for a challenge?

We’re looking for a proactive, team-oriented and motivated Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer (m/f) to join our team of more than 50 JavaScript enthusiasts. We value a go-getter attitude, the drive to get things done, and the empathy to understand our client’s needs and wants. Our team prides itself on working hard and having fun while doing so. We believe in the power of bringing like-minded people together.

Our Team

In our JavaScript team, we mostly work on separate projects but collaborate on difficult problem solving. We extrapolate useful code from ongoing projects and transform them into reusable code for future needs on other projects. We code review each other's code and thrive to improve on a daily basis. While every developer has a framework preference, React/Next and Express being the most popular in their respective field, we strongly urge our developers to go outside their comfort zone and try out the other ones, like Angular or Vue and Nest or Fastify, for individual growth and utilization flexibility purposes.

This is expected of developers who have already established sufficient knowledge and experience (usually mid seniority level) in full stack development, Q’s internal best practices and their framework of choice. We keep track of the latest and greatest innovations in the JavaScript world and are very pragmatic about adopting them, which gives our developers freedom to build POCs, write blog posts, organize workshops to impact current and improve future ways of work.

Your role

  • Communication & coordination with colleagues and clients

  • Participation in sprint planning and task evaluations

  • Participation in the architecture and design of the application

  • Participation in auditing and analysis of project documentation and specifications

  • Planning and setting the project from scratch

  • Maintaining ongoing projects

  • Making and maintaining reusable components

  • Working closely with other divisions like backend and design to create the best DX and UX

  • Driving an agile development process with your project team

Experience we’re looking for

  • More than 4 years of experience in developing with JavaScript, mostly in the web environment (HTML/JSX, (S)CSS)

  • At least 2 years of experience as a Node.js developer

  • Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming

  • Good knowledge of REST principles

  • Strong understanding and experience working with web development architectures and patterns (Layered Architecture, Microservices…)

  • Meaningful experience with SEO optimisation

  • Extensive experience in developing complex web applications using React.js and its advanced concepts like Context API, HOC, Render props, Compound components etc., as well as knowledge of 3rd party state management libraries.

  • Great knowledge of JavaScript and some common transpiler, like Typescript (which we use)

  • Great knowledge of object-oriented, functional, and reactive programming (asynchronous programming, queuing, caching, currying, recursiveness…)

  • Experience developing and working with API-based applications (REST and/or GraphQL)

  • Ability to handle the entire development life cycle from start to end

  • Strong understanding and experience working with web development architectures and patterns (SSR/SSG, SOA, Serverless…)

  • Experience with code reviews to enforce good coding practices

  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills

  • High proficiency in English in both written and verbal form

And it would be awesome if you...

  • Have excellent communication skills in written and verbal form

  • Have great code testing experience (like Jest and/or Cypress)

  • Have great continuous deployment skills (like GitHub + GitHub Actions)

  • Have great knowledge of infrastructure management:

    • Terraform/IoC

    • AWS (basics, getting around the interface, reading errors, reading monitoring dashboard, etc)

    • AWS Amplify (Next.js hosting)

    • AWS Event Bridge (message bus system)

  • Have great experience with 3rd party identity providers (like Auth0 or Cognito)

  • Have great experience with headless CMS systems (like Strapi)

  • Have a drive to continuously improve

  • Like being a part of a cohesive team

  • Like mentoring and are not afraid to take the lead

What we bring to the table:

  • The location choice is yours: remote, on-site or hybrid

  • Flexible working hours

  • Work with new technologies in a high-performance environment

  • Diverse international projects (from 3-week microservice apps to 6+ month enterprise solutions)

  • IT community involvement — Meetups, Workshops & Articles

  • Internal workshops & personal development

  • Educational budget

  • 100% paid sick leave

  • Paid health insurance

  • Subvention of Multisport card

  • Transport allowance & meal allowance


Salary range

Our salaries are based on your experience, level of knowledge & technical interview.


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