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End-to-end digital experience with a focus on providing financial education

What We Did

  • Technical product discovery
  • Web app
  • Team augmentation/dedicated team


Financial News

Media Business


7 People


United Kingdom


The goal of this project was to provide financial support and advice to the broader public by making the complex financial topics easy to understand. Whether it’s working out if you have enough cash to go on holiday, saving into a pension, renewing your car insurance, or paying the rent or mortgage, money tips and tricks are always welcomed by the public.



The whole idea behind Money Mentor was provided by the client. With this vision, Q team made a custom WordPress theme, custom WordPress plugins and the third-party product feed integration – Fairer Finance.


Revenue growth and newsletter signups. Money Mentor had a significant increase in NL subscriptions and unique site visitors.



Money Mentor became the go-to destination for experts, trusted guidance, education and access to financial products and services.



Integration with the third party data feed, Survey plugin, 40 custom blocks.

What We Built


Whether we admit it or not, money plays an important factor in our everyday lives. It’s not about how much you earn or spend, it’s about making educated financial decisions. The whole idea behind the Money Mentor is to help people feel more secure and confident about their money.

That’s why The Times partnered up with Q and built an end-to-end digital experience with a focus on providing financial education to their users.


  • Responsive web app and customized WordPress CMS

  • Gutenberg blocks


Money Makes The World Go Around

The whole idea behind The Times Money Mentor came from talking to their readers and listening to their everyday challenges. It is all scaled down to one thing, wanting to put themselves into a better financial situation in life.

Just thinking about finances caused them additional anxiety and stress and learning about finances seemed really complicated and a bit boring.

The main goal was to demystify money and finances in general and make the process of learning more interesting and relevant to the readers. The Times team came to Q with the idea to create something new on the market, a web app that will help readers feel more confident and encourage them to make smarter decisions. This solution essentially enhances the financial literacy and knowledge of the major reading population in the UK.

Q team combined The Times’s strongest assets, their platform with a potential reach of millions of customers worldwide and experience in finance-related topics.



From initial workshops and extensive research, the Money Mentors design team came up with an ideal UX & UI design for the web app. They realized that well-structured and unique content form a seamless user flow throughout the app.

It has a cool and unique layout where all the thumbnails are expertly utilized. Newsletter subscription CTA is on point and sharp and encourages users to sign up easily for the weekly finance newsletter.

The design of the Money Mentor web app is independent and fresh as their product ratings and opinions on financial advice. Through each sprint, Q team gradually implements a new design to enhance better user experience and user engagement.


The Building Blocks

Q’s responsibility for this project was delivering life to the product and establishing end-to-end execution. From initial idea and workshops to UX/UI implementation, development of the app SEO and infrastructure optimization. Q experts made a fully customized WordPress theme, custom WordPress plugins and third-party product feed integration with Fairer Finance. They also utilized new content editor Gutenberg and newly introduced building blocks that serve as a foundation in building dynamic content for editors.

Q also developed more than 40 custom blocks for this project, while new blocks are still being developed. There are varieties of blocks that serve a different purpose, from displaying surveys to product blocks that display top-rated products to financial calculators and tools.

It took our team only 2 months to implement this solution, but we have been working with Money Mentor for almost 3 years now. After the initial project launch, we continuously improve and maintain the app. Our dedicated team of developers work on making the Money Mentor one of the biggest independent finance experts in the world.



We live in a world revolving around sales and profit. It is sometimes really hard to comprehend who to trust and that’s why Money Mentor provides users with clever and objective information committed to user education and transparency.

Money Mentor reviews hundreds of financial products, from insurance and credit cards to pensions and ISAs. They feed users with the knowledge and assist them to make the right financial decisions.

Knowledge is power, especially if it’s helping you form a happier and financially stable future.

“You continue to impress us SO much. The team’s dynamic, rapid responses, and solutions are just mind-blowing. Your team is a dream to deal with and provides a level of confidence beyond what any of us expected.”

Lana Went – The Times, UK

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