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ManpowerGroup is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. For more than 70 years they have empowered the industry and addressed the complex recruitment challenges that many companies face in the modern world.

Q partnered with Manpower group to build a psychological tests/assessments platform (Construct), which is being used during recruitment processes worldwide that will empower all of their end-users.



This big and ongoing project is very thoughtful and continuously improves the workflow process within. Collaboration on the project helped set the user priorities and requirements are through continuous parallel product discovery phases and development processes. The Q team guides and develops ideas together with the MPG team, often leading the entire process while presenting the best possible platform solutions.


The “Construct” platform is being used for Manpower group recruitment purposes worldwide. It is still not being used in its full services.



“Construct” platform will be the central point for sending tests to all MPG end users.



Connection to “Concerto”, a psychometrics platform.

What We Built

Building a platform that will manage different tests/assessments in one platform, through numerous requirements for end uses has been quite an interesting challenge. In the process, Q operates the migration of more than tens of thousands of data and results from the old system to the new one.

When the migration of users from the old system is finished, the Construct will be 100% up and running as the main platform for MPG, powering the success of their end-users around the world.


  • Responsive Web app


Constructing the “Construct”

Manpower group transformed and powered their digital transformation through the “Construct” platform and improved day-to-day activities that exceed end-user expectations. When building a user-centered product it is important to align clients’ business goals with end-user needs.

In this case, the Q team started working on additional assessments/tests/quizzes for the MPG recruiting process developing the main feature that enables Manpower group agents to send direct links of the existing assessments to the end-users. By combining this within the MPG platform, the recruiters can focus more on the human side of their processes to find the best possible candidates.

Following Agile methodology from the beginning of the project, the team was able to improve their game and up the performance. Focus on continuous planning, testing and integrations, the Q team was able to execute numerous sprints and achieve every milestone goal set by the client. Since this is still an ongoing project, in need of constant iterations and support, the Manpower group and Q will surely continue to work together towards building better and more inspiring digital products.



Manpower Group connects more and more people to meaningful work worldwide. Being a leader in the industry means that you need to face the challenges happening every day. Finding innovative technical solutions support the trends of industry change and assist people in their everyday challenges.

With Q’s help, they built a cutting edge solution that helped their recruiters with a quick and smooth transition from a gruelling physical process to a swift web app data-centric solution that allowed them to focus more on the human part of their assignments.

With this engaging and dynamic platform, recruiters are communicating MPG values even more, and driving new leads.

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