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  • UX/UI design
  • User flow
  • Prototyping
  • Mobile app
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Spurred on by the joy of business challenges, Medi thrives to set industry standards with their products and concepts. By thinking beyond borders and breaking new grounds Medi found a steady partner in Q with the know-how to develop Medi Vision together. Medi’s innovative strength was honored for the first time in 2020 with the German Innovation The digital tool for practically contactless measuring was praised also by the panel of the Plus X Award in 2021 in the categories of innovation, high quality, user comfort and functionality.



Building medical solutions for the future requires a good understanding of modern technologies and the ability to adapt to every challenge. Medi and Q are collaborating for many years to answer highly innovative med-tech inquiries. While collaborating with US partners, Lymphatechnology, Q developed an app for non-contact custom measurement for compression fittings.

The goal from the very beginning was to give users the best possible Medi product in order to make the whole process of body measurements easier and more comfortable for everyone.


German innovation award winner



Contactless measurement and fast data processing



3D Scan of body parts

What We Built

Q developed a mobile app that connects the measurements obtained by IC body scan and sends the data directly to Medi’s webshop and shops via API. Once the measurements are there, partners and customers receive suggestions for a compression band (or a similar product) that suits their needs.



  • Mobile app

  • Web app


Discovery and Design

The idea behind building the Medi Vision app was to directly unburden the licensed partners and customers from a gruesome on-site fitting experience. Taking measurements by hand, assembling the records and processing that data for Medi manufacturing was just a little bit outdated.

Medi was very aware of their user’s particular pain points. A special camera connected to an iPad records and creates a 3D model containing the measurements of the particular body part.

It was important to deliver a clean user flow that will empower the design team to come up with an effortless system for the whole measurement process.

Q team gathered the user research and analysis to comprehend the complex process and see how to simplify it.

The inspiration for the UX/UI of the product was found in similar apps for product configurations and different measurement processes.

It also helped with the visual identity of the app and set a clear and friendly tone of voice.

Q team created components that helped put together the screens for the initial Medi Vision prototype. Amongst many improvements, a bigger keyboard for faster data processing and entering measurements was a big hit. With this implementation, the manual data entry will be much more straightforward and quicker. The users won’t need to write measurements and transfer them later, they simply write everything they need on their iPads.



Tech stack for Medi Vision was 2 full-time Native developers that built a fully functional iOS application.

Q team developed an application that extracts the data out of camera screenings of the 3D body part measures that Lymphatechnology built. The camera prepares the data but without the Medi Vision app, the data couldn’t be processed and formatted.

With the app, web-shop and on-site shops are able to sync the measurement data with their system via API.

The app gathers and processes data that helps partners and customers find the right Medi product in a very short amount of time.

One of the most challenging problems the development team solved was the data processing and data structure. The team needed to comprehend the measurement data so that they could map out all of it to create the perfect sync solution for the Medi shop and webshop.

A particular challenge was processing the data of the 3D body measurement scanning.

Q team needed to structure it meaningfully so that the shop system could recognize it and use it in orders.

Since launching the initial MVP, the dedicated team continued to constantly develop new functionalities and oblige the Medi roadmap. Right now the team is working on improving the process of gathering the measurements for round & flat legs knit, but Medi has plans to develop a full-body scan in the future.

This makes Medi not only a leader in revolutionary medical advancements but also an innovator in the IT industry as well.



Medi and Q didn’t just develop a medical application. They created a much better experience for their partners and users. By saving time taking precise measurements, this contactless and comfortable solution enables the personnel to spend more time helping and advising the customers and place fast, custom orders that will ultimately improve their customer satisfaction.

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