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Boosting sales with engaging content

What We Did

  • Product Vision
  • User Research
  • Strategy Product Discovery
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Flow
  • Wireframes
  • Web Page
  • Web App
  • Mobile App
  • eCommerce



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Airex is a company that produces high-quality training mats. They saw an opportunity to grow by expanding from product to service-oriented business by establishing new digital touchpoints. They built a platform that serves ad Airex Academy for users and trainers helping them construct an important community with personalized content such as video, online training and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.



By conducting much-needed user and training research Q pinpointed the idea to create the Airex digital platform for lifestyle and training that would boost Airex product sales. Shaping and creating a mobile app and web app that engages more users and trainers, helped the company build a trustworthy relationship with amazing Airex products.


Boosting product sales and growth of Airex Training Community



In-app purchase and user engagement



Implementation of pre-recorded training videos, live stream & screencasting and app data tracking

What We Built

Airex is a company that aims to grow by expanding from a product company to a service-oriented company. They produce high-quality training mats but they saw an opportunity by establishing a new digital touchpoint.

With training experts, they will be able to provide new and personalized video content, online training, and recommendations on healthy lifestyles and food.

Besides the training, the mobile app serves as sustainable product support to get the best out of your Airex products.


  • Mobile app

  • Web app


Discovering the Community Values

To build a trustworthy community you need creative and like-minded people to come together and share values.

That’s exactly what the Q team was doing in the discovery phase. By aligning business goals, trainers and users’ needs, idea for a digital lifestyle and training platform was built.

The energy of this project relies on connecting trainers and users through quality content that will connect the space between mutual trust and training.



4 Weeks

Q team conducted a much-needed user and trainer research to understand the views of digital training app and explore challenges and opportunities.

Finding out that people are interested in affordable and personalized experiences with digital content was the key insight of the research.

It is much more convenient to train without peer pressure in the safety of their homes and that is what the Airex platform is based on. Effortless communication and supportive video content for training.

The tone of voice and look and feel aligned around 3 essential user needs Mind, Body & Soul. It was the first step in supporting the design of the app and the tone of voice.

This helped us set the measures of success for the app and that was to increase the unique number of new app users, and number of bought Airex products.

These metrics would also boost trainer experience improvement and enhance the number of potential new trainers who will engage with the app.



  • To keep me calm, focused and in the zone


  • Meditation
  • Talk to somebody
  • Reading


  • Calm
  • Headspace



  • To keep me physically active and healthy


  • Training
  • Walking


  • Youtube videos
  • Instagram videos
  • Sports Now
  • Asana



  • To keep me motivated and inspired


  • Motivation quotes
  • Music
  • Books
  • Breathing


  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Instagram


Logic Behind The Digital Flow

By establishing user groups Q team started to create the logic behind it. Training seekers would need to register and login, explore the application through available video training, and choose their plan of workout by difficulty and workout type.

Trainers however are limited to two options. Full availability of uploading training videos or a limited engagement for broadening the community.

Customer - Training Seekers


  • Mobile app


  • Wellness seekers
  • Exercise seekers
  • Energy seekers

Airex Trainers


  • Web app (phase 1)


  • Master trainer
  • Basic trainer

Airex admin


  • Web app


  • Moderator

Building the wireframes was really important because we found a way to implement showcasing of Airex products in the video content for potential purchase.



First Phase

Q team focused on creating the app functionalities that would help users consume the pre-recorded training videos uploaded by Airex trainers.

Amongst many features, most important one was the subscription model with full training content available.



12 Weeks

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

  • New user registration option with forgot password functionality

  • User profile where a user can customize his name, image, date of birth, activities he likes and account type (free or paid)

  • View a video, make a video favorite, play a video

  • Video/training subscription option through Google pay and Apple pay

  • Web application for trainers (Admin, Master, Basic)

  • Login and profile screen options for trainers with forgot password functionality

  • Add, view, and deactivate trainer options

  • CRUD video options for trainers

Second Phase

At this phase, Q implemented the important screencasting for AirPlay and Chromecast. With this users will focus more on the training session on the big screen with more attention to detail while training.



2 Weeks

  • Tablet UI improvements

  • Training hero – clips instead of images

  • Video clips for app store screens

  • Screencasting (AirPlay and Chromecast)

  • Video on demand (paused video – not synced between devices and between platforms)

Third Phase

Q teams main priority for this phase was to implement a much-needed live streaming platform for scheduled live training and integrate the platform with Zoom software. With this, users can schedule live training sessions in advance. They will enjoy the benefits of participating in the Airex community much more.




By implementing the data tracking the Airex team will learn more about user engagement. This is crucial because it offers additional behavioral in-app insight. Airex team will be able to make necessary adjustments to boost in-app purchases of their products.


  • Livestream

  • Favorite trainer option

  • Permission management

  • Tracking for mobile app



Nowadays, especially after COVID 19, social distancing is kind of a complying guideline to live by. It’s definitely a strange chapter in our modern-day life since we are social beings and have a sense of universality. Building a much-needed training app for Airex users showed us how important community really is for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Providing the users with training video content and recommendations on a healthy lifestyle helped Airex boost the value of their products and engage the training community even more.

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