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What We Did

  • Product vision
  • Strategy product discovery
  • Brand strategy / Brand identity
  • UX/UI
  • User flow
  • Mobile app
  • Data science
  • Dedicated team
  • QA automation


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Jenz is a mobile app developed and verified by Q. It is an internal social network that works as the company’s live newsletter and intranet.

It unites people, creates engagement, stimulates communication and feedback. It is a perfect solution for today’s home-office model that brings the best out of company’s culture and strengthens its workforce community.

Hence the name “Jenz”, the phonetical inscription of the Latin word Gens, defined as a group of people united by the same goals, values, and lifestyle.



With the entire world going into COVID-19 paralysis, building a strong team spirit has become a hot topic for every employer. Q recognized this opportunity and engaged an internal team that started to untangle the idea of an internal social media application but also test Flutter as a cross-technology for building it. Jenz is a mobile-only application with admin desktop interface with a tendency to expand to a web application in the near future.


Boosting employee productivity and engagement



9/10 employee satisfaction



Kudos & recognition, employee feedback, anonymous surveys

What We Built

Q had an initial idea to build a product were emails, Facebook events, Google calendars, polls, Instagram profiles, Slack channels, are all added up into fully functional mobile app for happy and engaged employees.


  • Mobile application


Solving the communication problems with one app

Good internal communication is based on developing strong communication channels within the company. The Idea for Jenz was exactly that, to empower the workforce with an easy-to-use communication tool to strengthen the company culture.

Jenz was cooking for some time before Q actively started working on the idea.

All communications tools mostly derive from web platforms and CRMs which tend to be a bit complicated. Q wanted to cover the sharing of relevant information, communicating about company plans and strategy, promoting visions and goals, enabling feedback and well-deserved kudos for good work in one solution.

The decision to build an internal app came from realizing that there is no proper solution in the market that tackles the mentioned issues.

The process started with research and taking into account the best industry practices. By writing user journeys and stories the team was able to distinguish the right features and came with a set that made Jenz the go-to app for employee engagement.

It was important to clearly distinguish the difference between just cool features and features that will contribute to the betterment of the app. The emphasis was on building a UX that is modern, slick, colorful, joyful, and visually attractive.

At first glance, Jenz may look like Instagram for employees with listed photos and announcements in the feed, but Jenz’s forte is building company transparency through anonymous shoutbox and numerous polls. Through UX and UI research and employee feedback inspiration, Q team constantly improves the application giving it a clear vision and empowering the company approach of building a healthier work community.


Building Jenz

Although this was originally an internal project, Q’s dedicated team took the agenda very seriously. Taking into consideration workshop specifications, they started building the product through agile approach.

A tech stack of fronted Flutter developers, PHP backend developers built the initial MVP was within 4 months. The system that supports the product is AVS Aurora. The dedicated team started to iterate around the product and started adding additional features and system improvements that are initially tested and then implemented to Jenz app. The team also monitors reactions and improves the core functionalities based on the user feedback and response.



Jenz is an app that unites people, creates engagement, stimulates communication, and feedback. It brings the best out of the company culture and strengthens that feeling of being connected with your work community.

People are now making close personal relationships at work, and many companies come to an understanding that culture and employee engagement are becoming essential in running a profitable business. Just check som of these interesting stats:

By uniting employees into their own social universe, Jenz creates a sense of belonging, of pride, and motivation creating a more stimulating work environment for everyone.

  • 69% of people think that modern businesses of today need a work-based social media. — Deloitte

  • 400% average increase in revenue growth by companies with a strong culture vs. standard culture — Forbes

  • Only 18% of employees think their organizations are transparent enough. — Slack

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