October 19, 2020 - 2 min

Q's client medi won "German Innovation Award 2020."


Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

Q and medi are working together on a revolutionary medical app for the past few years. Last week medi won the “German Innovation Award 2020.”.

Medi, based in Bayreuth, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical aids. Medi and Q are collaborating for years on highly innovative med-tech solutions. This year, medi won the prestigious award for the best innovation in Germany – for 2 dierent applications, one of which was built by the Q team.

Following the motto “medi. I feel better”, around 2,700 medi employees worldwide help people increase their quality of life. Acting as a catalyst between the medical industry and specialist retailers, medi develops indication-appropriate treatment aids for the patient’s benefit.

Innovations result from internal expertise and the interaction of people and technologies. Medi’s innovative strength was honored for the first time in 2020 with the German Innovation Award. It honors cross-sector products and solutions that dier from previous solutions regarding user orientation and added value. Medi has won two innovation awards with its products medi vision and medi companion.


The first award-winning application, medi vision, is made by the Q development team. It’s a project where our team carries the entire development process, while our partners from the US provide the 3D measurement technology. Medi vision is a tool for non-contact measurement for compression fittings honored in the category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business – Information Technologies | Industry Specific and Service Softwares. It impressed the German Design Council with its added value for both the medical professional and the patient.


The second award-winning application is a health app for lipoedema and lymphoedema patients. This app was also honored in the category #W1 Excellence in Business to Consumer – Medical & Health. It supports lipoedema patients in their daily therapy and is considered an innovation to improve quality of life.

We congratulate medi for their success and wish them many more awards in the future.

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Adrian Keindl

Head of Business Development

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