November 9, 2021 - 2 min

Business Talks - Meet Our Clients through New Video Series


Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

When the lockdown started, we changed the form of communication, especially the internal one, and shifted towards filming videos. Soon, videos became our standard communication tool. YouTube served as an excellent platform for swiftly adapting to the new era of filming, and our YouTube channel quickly grew into a big project.

To read more about our YouTube journey, here you can read our blog about How YouTube Transformed Our Communication and Helped Us Stay Connected.

At first, our videos were for internal communication only. But as we got better at producing video content, we sensed the potential in making more client and business-oriented videos. That’s when we decided to start Business Talks.

The concept behind the Talks

Business Talks aims to introduce both Qumans and the general public to our clients and connect a name with a face. Moreover, the series is a great tool for attracting more customers. Seeing happy and satisfied customers and hearing more about how we work builds a sense of trust.

Q Business Talks are in a format of an interview in which our CEO, Filip Ljubic, interviews one client each month, either online over Zoom or in person. You can find the series on our YouTube channel or on our Business Talks playlist.

Our client “medi“ won the German Innovation Award for a project we did together.

Every Business Talks episode has ten questions:

  • Three are about them as a client or a business

  • Three are about our collaboration and the project

  • Three are about the person that represents the client in the video

In the last question, we ask the guests to say what they have in mind and share their last thoughts.

Clients featured in Business Talks

The first episode of Business Talks started with Alex Blattman, CEO of MaxBrain. MaxBrain was the first big client that Q started to work with five years ago.

After that episode, Filip hosted three more big clients: Moritz Neise – IT Manager Business & Digital Solutions in “medi“, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic – Chief Talent Scientist at ManpowerGroup, and Frank Luijckx – Co-owner of Gene-5.

The Business Talks series now counts five episodes! The last episode was filmed with Airex in our Headquarters. They visited us after two years that we haven’t had them as our guests in Zagreb. Watch Q Business Talks with Airex.

One of our loyal clients is Manpower group.

Business Talks videos are visible to the public and for anyone who wants to know more about us and our projects. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the IT industry and its clients and a great way to get first-hand information about us.

Our Youtube channel has more than 41.6k views and over 260 active subscribers. All of our videos are promoted and published on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Subscribe to our channel, and if you’re our client and interested in being our next guest in the Business Talks series, contact your dedicated Q Key Account Manager, we’d be glad to have you. 🙂

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Marta Juricic

Marketing Associate

She is a marketing and PR enthusiast responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans. Classy girl with a bit of hood in her, and an attitude which she loses when there’s a dog nearby.