Software Product 

Q specializes in design and development of software prototypes, MVPs, and final products from scratch.

We’ve got you covered

Developing a digital product from scratch can be challenging. That’s why we work with you hand-in-hand and help you every step of the way.

From the discovery phase in which we evaluate the idea and set the development direction, to the UX & UI design and development of the software product itself - we bring your digital ideas to life.

Overview of Q

Agile Approach

Every project is different. That’s why we follow industry best practices and adjust them according to your business needs. We never try to reinvent the wheel. Our process is based on a widely used Scrum framework - an agile process framework for managing complex projects.

And yes, we are not perfect. Still, we strive to live up to agile core manifesto:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a strict plan

Q Agile Process

Discovery sprint

During the Discovery Sprint, we get to know each other and learn more about your business and project requirements. The goal of this phase is to reduce the risk, discuss challenges, define the project technologies and the scope. This phase usually lasts for two weeks and gathers all relevant stakeholders in the project.

Documentation Analysis

Q experts study your business and product requirements, target market, competition and any additional documentation you can provide pre-workshop.

On-Site Workshop

Without a constructive workshop, the whole project could fail. We care about the end result and workshops are the best way to coordinate the development.

Project Preparation

Project preparation starts after the first workshop. All the steps are defined before the first sprint.

Agile Development Sprints

Following the Agile methodology and working in 2-weeks sprints means we are flexible to changes and able to implement solutions faster. You can expect a new product version after each sprint, and you will get regular sprint reports to stay up-to-date. The result is a product that is testable on your end-users.

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning is an event that kicks off the Sprint, and the whole team is included. In this step, we define what can be delivered and how. This includes preparing tasks for the Sprint.

Design and Development Sprint

This is when we do our magic! During the Sprint, designers and developers are working on their tasks, developing features and preparing for the Sprint Review.

Sprint Review

Sprint Review is an event that all team members attend, including stakeholders. Production team presents a demo and together we determine what is done

Sprint Retrospective

During an event called Sprint Retrospective, the development team discusses what went well during the just completed sprint and what did not. This helps optimize upcoming sprints.

Backlog Refinement

Being Agile means being flexible regarding priorities and planning. This is determined on an event called Backlog Refinement. Product Owner and some or all team members prioritize and discuss items for delivery.

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