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Swiss fintech company TWINT, founded by eight largest Swiss banks, partnered up with Q to support their app which became the leading Swiss mobile payment solution.

Twint app has more than 2 million registered users in Switzerland who use it for payments in online shops, canteens, at supermarket cash registers, and vending machines. It offers a money transfer in real-time, from smartphone to smartphone, and saves credit cards in one app with a number of various loyalty programs.

What we did
  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Quality Assurance
Tech stack
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Manual QA
  • Automation Test Development


  1. On-site Workshop

    We started with an on-site workshop to define Twint’s short and long term needs for development and QA.

  2. Internal Candidate Preselection

    Twint’s engineering and HR team received more than 20 candidate profiles from us for the initial team.

  3. Setting up an Agile Team

    Candidates were interviewed, and just 3 months after the initial workshop, Twint had 8 senior mobile developers as a part of the Q agile dedicated team.

  4. Team Expansion

    Six months after the initial workshop, a Quality Assurance team of 6 was formed and Twint had a team of 14 members, both developers and QA testers.

  5. Continuous Support

    As Twint’s business grows, so does our team in Croatia, which now counts 14 individuals and scales up or down based on Twint’s business requirements.



Integrating the new team with the existing teams worldwide

Working in more than 20 countries worldwide, we have a lot of experience in building augmented teams.

Super high quality that’s hard to find locally

We established a process of finding and hiring exceptional talents and were able to scale up months before the client’s deadline.

Expanding the team, but keeping the costs low

We offer a model where we lower the cost per person when the team grows.

Twint grows fast and needs to scale up in different technologies

We have a large database of pre-scanned senior engineers that can jump into production anytime.


We established a dedicated team fully supporting Twint’s business.

To keep up the quality at the highest level and set clear business goals, we are organizing regular workshops with Twint, both in Zurich and Zagreb.

Through our development and quality assurance, we are continually developing Twint mobile apps making sure that Twint stays Switzerland’s #1 digital wallet.


Since the end of 2017, we have been working together with Q. We are obtaining mobile app (iOS and Android) development services for our digital payment solution in Switzerland. Right from the start, we have appreciated the flexible and close-knit nature of the collaboration. The management of Q has worked hard to recruit the right people and get the teams up to speed. The developers have excellent skills and were quickly integrated into our environment and processes. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Q.

Stefan Hediger & Sabine Do-Thuong, TWINT, Switzerland

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