Bringing Novartis closer to its partners

Automating B2B communication between Novartis and pharmacies.







Novartis is reimagining medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. As a leading global pharma company, the company uses innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of a great medical need. In the quest to create new medicines, Novartis consistently ranks among the world’s top pharma companies, investing in research and development, creating products that reach nearly 1 billion people globally.

Trying to get closer to the doctors and pharmacies, Novartis and Sandoz partnered up with Q to build a B2B web platform that automates the process of digital contracts, helps managing invoices, updates orders, and acts as an all in one CRM tool.

What we did

  • UX & UI Design
  • Web App
  • Quality Assurance

Tech stack

  • PHP
  • ReactJS
  • HTML
  • CSS


  1. Workshop

    A series of workshops was held both in Rotkreuz and Zagreb. From day one, there was pressure on delivering an MVP in a short period of time because of the client’s failed attempts with several different vendors to build this solution. We had to act quickly and cut all overheads in the backlog. That is why we chose to go fully Agile.

  2. Discovery

    We've mapped out the desired solution and created the business and software requirements documentation. We provided a backlog of tasks and a high-level action plan aimed to accomplish in each sprint of the project.

  3. Development

    We built the optimal User Experience path and designed the User Interface. Front-end and back-end development followed in the development sprints with continuous improvement from client and user feedback.

  4. Launch and Support

    The initial release is being improved and tested on Swiss market as a pilot. The platform is continuously being updated, new features are being added and improved for the global rollout of this solution.



How to ensure a quick adoption of the tool with the older stakeholders such as doctors and pharmacists

We started the process with the extensive Discovery Phase in which we included all stakeholders to learn the current process and its advantages and disadvantages. The process was simplified and automated thanks to the thorough UX design phase and several iterations until the best solution for all stakeholders was found.

Automate and structure the management of contracts, invoices and two way payments in just several months

Instead of spending a lot of time scoping and developing in a waterfall approach, we used a lean approach to create a minimum viable product which was launched and tested with the stakeholders. After the launch, our team continues to improve the platform with new functionalities adding more value and introducing new stakeholders to it.


Novartis and its strongest brands such as Sandoz, constantly aim to reach broader audiences and improve their everyday lives. That’s why they partnered up with us to develop a new platform that would automate and streamline communication and business between Novartis, doctors, and pharmacies.

We were responsible for the whole project execution - from the discovery phase to UX, UI, development, and the infrastructure.


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