Paperless digital education for universities

Learning management system for the largest university in Switzerland.






Swiss tech startup MaxBrain partnered up with Q to design and develop a new Learning Management platform for the oldest and largest university in Switzerland, St. Gallen University.

MaxBrain offers a completely paperless Learning Management System to companies, universities, and other educational institutions. MaxBrain is used for organizing internal processes including a network of facilities, students, and staff.

What we did

  • UX & UI Design
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web App
  • Quality Assurance

Tech stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MySQL - PosgreSQL
  • PHP
  • Java
  • AngularJS
  • AWS


  1. Workshop

    We started with an on-site workshop to define MaxBrain’s needs and objectives.

  2. Prototyping

    The team of 2 developers created the MaxBrain prototype in 8 sprints.

  3. Prototype Testing & Iterations

    The prototype was tested with the St. Gallen University and iterated after the user feedback.

  4. Setting up an Agile Team

    Six months after the project started, MaxBrain had the team of 5 dedicated developers working on the product.

  5. Growth and Further Development

    With the new customer acquisitions, the current dedicated team grew to 10 full-time members who are continuously improving and customizing the solution for the new and existing clients.



The client has no CTO in-house and has limited tech skills

We provided the CTO role and ran the tech side of the project autonomously.

MaxBrain grows fast and needs to scale up

We provided flexibility in team size, based on the project's needs.

Complex platform that requires a highly experienced workforce

We assembled a team of senior experts with 10+ years of experience that can tackle any complex task.

New modules require different technologies

We provided a different set of experts and covered a 360 technology stack whenever needed.


We supported MaxBrain’s growth for over 2 years with the same core team which built the initial prototype.

Together, we’ve identified the best tech-stack for MaxBrain platform and apps.

We established a team fully supporting MaxBrain’s business and achieving always existing growth goals. Through our development, quality assurance, and design efforts, we are continually developing the MaxBrain platform and MaxBrain mobile apps.

Q’s an incredibly flexible and loyal partner with amazing, creative, and innovative capacities. We’re working with Q on the frontend, backend, and mobile platforms.

Alex Blattman, CEO | Partner, MaxBrain

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