New way of onboarding employees for world’s largest social media


Social Media


United States



Irish eLearning agency Interactive Services and Q partnered up to build an innovative onboarding app for Facebook.

Typically, companies onboard their new employees on the day of their arrival to the company and hand them out boring, 50 pages long pdf, but the with Facebook, idea was to integrate new employee in Facebook even before they officially start to work for the company. Goal of the platform is to share company culture and company policies through gamified onboarding and learning solution.

What we did

  • Web App
  • eLearning

Tech stack

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

The Process

  1. The process started with the an on-site workshop in Dublin where Q and Interactive Services bounced off ideas for the solution and how to gamify usually boring process of onboarding new employees

  2. In the next phase was created a team of frontend developers which had the skill-set to develop a web app which would be used on tablets and phones with ARIA accessibility standards

  3. Agile approach was necessary since the end client had a lot of new ideas and additional materials which we added to the solution

  4. Finally, we released a web app which is used for all new and potential Facebook employees worldwide



Transforming vast amount of data to easily understandable gamified solution

As a first step in the solution development we had seven day on-site workshop where we establishing business objectives and spent most of the time defining the product through series of interviews and user-testing

Integration of the teams in United States, Ireland and Croatia

Q works in 20 countries worldwide and has a lot of experience in building augmented teams

The Collaboration

Q has established a frontend dedicated team which collaborated with the team in Ireland and United States on the development of Facebook’s global onboarding solution.

We created an eLearning app in which every new employee Facebook gets an early access (2 months before becoming an official Facebook employee), picks a character and goes through series of videos, texts, HTML5 games and quizzes. This way new employee learns about Facebook and Facebook’s culture even before the start of their engagement.

After the completion of the Facebook’s solution, Q developed similar solutions for Coca-Cola, Visa and Wallmart in collaboration with Interactive Services.