Marketing campaign management tool

A better way to manage shopping centre campaigns.






Centerteam is an advertising agency specialized in shopping center marketing and serves 80+ shopping centers throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics. Centerteam’s main client is Citycon - a company that owns and manages 40+ shopping centers in the region.

Partnership with Q started when Centerteam was looking for a way to reduce the cost and centralize their campaign management efforts for shopping centers in their portfolio.

What we did

  • Website
  • Web App
  • Quality Assurance

Tech Stack

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular


  1. Workshop

    The process started with an extensive on-site workshop in which we discovered the major pain points and client’s goals.

  2. Discovery Phase

    We gathered all the useful information about the processes and services between Centerteam and their clients.

  3. Proposed Solution

    Creating 2 web apps called C-Banks (Content bank & Concept bank). We created the MVPs for both apps in 4 months from the initial workshop:
    a) Content Bank is a media library tool that gathers fresh and relevant images from a large range of retailers for content-driven marketing - reaching millions of potential buyers.
    b) The Concept Bank is an online platform that offers clients instant and cross-device access to tailored communication concepts based on local USPs and material and ideas for all their communication channels throughout the retail year.

  4. Development & Launch

    After the official launch of C-Banks, Centerteam was able to centralize their clients’ campaigns and reduce the cost of creating new content for Scandinavian and Baltic shopping malls.

  5. Support and Ongoing Development

    The team of 3 dedicated developers was formed after the launch, building new features and converting C-Banks to SaaS model.



High cost of building individual campaigns for each shopping center

We built a web app that centralizes campaigns which can be re-used by any shopping center in the portfolio.

Time-consuming campaign preparations

Campaign is created in one place, only once, and it saves shopping centers time & money.

Real-time information of products in stock

Each product that enters any shopping center in the portfolio is accessible through the web app.

Language differences between shopping centers in the portfolio

Automated change of language and translation for each center.


The problem for Centerteam and shopping centers was that each shopping center had its own campaigns, tools, processes, and materials for each campaign throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day…), which cost them millions.

We partnered up to build C-Banks (Content bank & Concept bank) - an online platform in which every shopping center has access to tailored communication concepts based on their local USPs, materials, and ideas for communication channels throughout the retail year.

Together, we organized regular workshops within Oslo and Zagreb, so both Norwegian and Croatian teams were in sync with the platform’s business and development goals.

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