Austrian agency and Q partnered up to build a team of developers to develop the new, cutting edge AR (Augmented Reality) iOS and Android apps from world’s leading car manufacturer - VW.

Main purpose of the app is to help VW’s salespeople in presenting the new models to potential buyers on car fairs and in auto-salons, but the app is also available to anyone on the App Store and Google Play. The app enables the users to scan the car in the street or salon, or to scan a VW model from the magazine. The AR car will pop-up and the user can position the car anywhere, change the tires, rims, color, see the car’s features and performance. The user can also have a 360 view like they were sitting in the car itself. These are just some of the features which Q and developed for VW


The process of assembling the team went through four main phases:

1. We started the process with an 3 day long on-site workshop with to identify the best tech stack for the project, team structure and which team is going to cover which areas. It was decided that Q will cover all frontend work and was in charge of the design and the backend development

2. After the first workshop, the whole Q team spent 5 days on an onboarding to project in Vienna with the client and with project managers from VW

3. In the development period, both Q and team travelled between Vienna and Zagreb for milestone releases

The following technologies were used:


Q has established a frontend dedicated team which collaborated with the rest of the team in Austria and Germany on the development of VW AR apps. Through our development and quality assurance we are continually developing VW’s apps and helping VW to to be a leader in innovative sales processes.


Dedicated team of 7 highly motivated development experts:

5 x Frontend Developer

2 x Mobile Developer