Swiss company Twint, founded by the eight largest Swiss banks, partnered up with Q to build a dedicated development and QA team to develop and support their app which became the leading Swiss mobile payments solution.

Founded by 8 largest Swiss banks, Twint has became Switzerland’s #1 digital wallet.

Twint app has close to a million registered users in Switzerland and it enables its users to make payments in online shops, at supermarket cash registers, in canteens and at vending machines. It offers a possibility of money transfer in real time – from smartphone to smartphone and enables saving of all the credit cards in one app with number of various loyalty programmes.


The process of hiring dedicated team is customised for your business needs and the company growth. Q followed the growth of the Twint through several phases.

1. We started with an on-site workshop to define Twint’s short and long term resourcing needs

2. Twint’s engineering and HR team received more than 20 candidate profiles from Q for the initial team

3. Candidates were interviewed and just 3 months after the initial workshop, Twint had 8 senior mobile developers in Q as a part of the Twint dedicated team

4. Six months after the initial workshop Quality Assurance team of 5 was formed and Twint had a team of 13 developers and QA testers

5. As Twint’s business grows, so does the team in Croatia which now counts 13 individuals

The following technologies were used:


Q has established a dedicated team fully supporting Twint’s business and achieving always existing growth goals. Through our development and quality assurance we are continually developing Twint mobile apps making sure that Twint stays Switzerland’s #1 digital wallet.


Dedicated team of 13 highly motivated development and QA experts:

4 x iOS Developer

4 x Android Developer

2 x QA Engineer

3x QA Tester





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