Max Brain

Swiss Tech Startup “MaxBrain” partnered up with Q to build a dedicated development and design team to develop and support the growth of their business.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, MaxBrain is offers completely paperless Learning Management System to companies and universities. Universities and companies use MaxBrain in organising network and internal processes including network of facilities, students and staff. It offers competitive advantage for educational institutions through modern and needs-oriented digital education and training.


The process of hiring dedicated team was customised for MaxBrain business needs and the company growth. Q followed the growth of the MaxBrain through several phases.

1. We started with an on-site workshop to define MaxBrain’s needs

2. The team of 2 developers created the MaxBrain prototype in 2 months

3. Prototype was tested with the St. Gallen University

4. Six months after the project start MaxBrain had the team of 5 dedicated developers which became part of the core team

5. With the new customer acquisitions, the current dedicated team grew to 10 full time members

The following technologies were used:


Q has supported MaxBrain’s growth for over 2 years with the same core team which built the initial prototype. Together we’ve identified the best tech-stack for MaxBrain platform and apps and the whole technical know-how is in Q. We organise regular workshops with MaxBrain both in Zurich and Zagreb in order to set clear business goals which our Zagreb team has to match on the development side.


Dedicated team of 10 highly motivated design and tech experts:

2x PHP developers

2x JavaScript developers

2x Mobile developers

1x Frontend developer

1x Java developer

1x QA

1x Project manager