Home Exchange

HomeExchange is global leading platform for home swapping. Home exchange or house swapping is a vacation alternative where you stay at someones home while they stay at yours, but not always simultaneously. With more than 65,000 home listings in 150 countries, HomeExchange is the industry’s leader for the past 15 years.

This L.A. based company partnered up with Q to build a dedicated development and design team to develop and support the growth of their business.


1. The process started with the extensive on-site workshop in which we discovered major pain points and goals of the client - to remain the leading platform which is following world trends, but with UX aimed for their user base which are people over 40 years old

2. Next phase was the discovery phase where we needed to gather all useful information about the processes in HomeExchange, pinpoint the user journey from 100+ angles and do a research of their user base

3. Third step was creation of clickable wireframes through InVision and presenting the solution to the board

4. After the initial wireframes were approved, Q built a team of 7 frontend and backend developers to start the development of the platform in agile way while the UI design was in progress

5. Development lasted for 9 months and is built on PHP. The solution had to be integrated with CRM, ERP and with more than 50 payment solution since it’s being used at every corner of the world

6. After the release of the final version of the platform, dedicated team which continued to develop new features and upgrade the existing ones

7. HomeExchange did a successful exit in 2017 and was sold for $34 mil

The following technologies were used:


Q has established a dedicated team fully supporting HomeExchange in their growth and transition from old to the new platform. Q was involved from the early phase and did the discovery, planning, architecture, UX & UI design and implementation of the solution.


Dedicated team of 8 team members:

3 x Frontend Developer

4 x Backend Developer

1 x Project Manager