German agency Fork and Q partnered up to build a team of developers to develop, and later maintain and support, new website and shop for one of Liechtenstein’s largest multinational company - Hilti.

End client Hilti is a Liechtenstein multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, and mining industries, mainly to the professional end-user. With 25,000 employees, Hilti is one of the leading brands in construction sector.

Hilti.com is available in 50+ countries worldwide consists of several hundred pages and includes promotional website, shop and web application used by Hilti’s customers and staff.


The process of assembling the team went through four main phases:

1. We started the process with an on-site workshop with Fork to identify the best tech stack for the project, team structure and which team is going to cover which areas

2. It was decided that Q will cover frontend development, and we assembled the team of 6 senior frontend developers which worked for 6 months building and launching hilti.com

3. After the official launch of hilti.com, the team was reduced to 3 dedicated senior fronted developers

4. Year and a half after the launch, our team consisting of 3 frontend developers still work closely with Hilti and Fork team on new features, upgrades and maintenance with regular trips to Cologne and Liechtenstein

The following technologies were used:


Q has established a frontend dedicated team which collaborated with the rest of the team in Germany and Liechtenstein on development of Hilti’s website, webshop and web apps. Through our development and quality assurance we are continually developing Hilti.com and helping Hilti to remain one step in front of the competition.


Dedicated team of 6 highly motivated development and QA experts:

6 x Frontend developer