Comparis is the leading Swiss Internet comparison service. On, consumers can easily and quickly compare rates and services of health insurance providers, other insurers, banks and telecommunications providers as well as offers for properties, cars and motorcycles.

Thanks to the comparisons and ratings from, consumers can directly switch to the provider with the best price-performance ratio.

Partnership with Q started when Comparis was looking for the way to build new comparison algorithm which would produce much better results from the one they were using before. Q managed to raise the matching between the products from former 20% to 85% accuracy.


1. The process started with the extensive on-site with several teams from Comparis in which we discovered major pain points for their business and the issues which they had with the former vendors

2. Next phase was the discovery phase where we needed to gather all useful information about the processes, algorithm issues and their future business plans

3. 2 months after the project start Q has built a team of 5 dedicated developers which became the technical part of Comparis

4. 6 months after project start new algorithm was tested and it raised the matching between the products from former 20% to 85% accuracy which was above all client expectations

5. The team is continuously working on the platform’s new features and has grown to 6 people dedicated team up to date

The following technologies were used:


Q has established a dedicated team of 5 developers which work closely with Comparis team on discovery, UX and development of new features. The team is fully supporting Comparis business and achieving always existing growth goals. Through our development and quality assurance we are continually developing Comparis platform which has became the Swiss no #1 Internet comparison service.


2 x Frontend Developer

3 x Backend Developer

1 x Project Manager