BBC Pandemic

BBC Pandemic - 2018 Winner - App of the year in Northern Ireland

No1 Medical app – App Store (UK)
No1 Medical app – Google Play Store (UK)
‘Top 100’ Free Apps #19 – App Store (UK)
‘Top 100’ Free Apps – Google Play Store (UK)

How we enrolled 60,000 UK residents in an experiment that delivered the data needed to accurately predict the impact of a future pandemic?

Northern Irish agency Big Motive and Q partnered up to build and prototype, and in later stage full iOS and Android app which would simulate and predict future pandemic spread.

The BBC Pandemic mobile app is featured in a groundbreaking citizen science experiment attempting to simulate the spread of a deadly flu outbreak. The result of the experiment was revealed in the new TV program on BBC ‘Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic’.

End client is BBC is a British public service broadcaster and it is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation.


The process of making an award winning app:

1. We started the project with a workshop where we created user stories and identified development pain points with our partners from Big Motive.

2. Through rapid prototyping and user-testing we were able to test the product on small user sample and iterate the product as we needed to create a user experience that could be easily understood by many different people

3. The science and maths teams mapped the experimental data requirements and designed each step to find the simplest way of asking the question and the easiest way to enter the response.

4. The apps were launched on October 2017 with expectations that 10,000 people might finish the experiment. The end result was that almost 60,000 people finished the experiment! The experiment has been hailed as a landmark success, greatly exceeding the expectations of the scientists, the team at 360 Production and the BBC.

The following technologies were used:


Q was responsible for native mobile and backend development for the BBC Pandemic iOS and Android apps. Our partners from Big Motive were responsible for the UX and UI design of the apps. This partnership between the two companies has shown that Q development team has great synergy with the design companies and has contributed to a huge leap forward in science that could save millions of lives.


Dedicated team of 7 highly motivated development and QA experts:

2 x iOS Developer

2 x Android Developer

1 x Backend Developer

1 x Project Manager

1 x QA