Artisa Group Holding SA

Artisa Group is a real-estate and construction company from Switzerland. Artisa is involved in all stages of property development, from planning and designing, to the development, renting and selling real-estate.

Since the professional population is migrating more and more for professional reasons, our client wanted to automate the process and make it a seamless experience for the 50,000 new units they plan to put on the market in the next several years.

We created a web platform plus iOS and Android app which enables people to easily rent and manage the rented apartments.


1. The process started with the extensive on-site workshop in which we discovered major pain points and goals of the client

2. Next phase was the discovery phase where we needed to gather all useful information about the processes in the Artisa Group and services which they would offer through the apps

3. Iterations of clickable wireframes were crucial to make the process from reservation to actual using of the app seamless and intuitive

4. We created a native iOS and Android apps and a web platform MVP which was tested on a small focus group

5. After the release of the final version of the platform and the apps, we formed a dedicated team which continues to develop new features and upgrade the exiting ones

The following technologies were used:


Q is supporting Artisa Group on their fast-growing platform for over a year now. The same core team which developed the MVP became dedicated team which is now continuously working on the improvements and new features of the platform. Q identified the best tech-stack for Artisa’s platform and apps called CityHop and the whole technical know-how is in Q. We organise regular workshops with Artisa in Lucerne, Zug and Zagreb so both Swiss and Croatian team are in sync around business and development goals of the platform.


Dedicated team of 6 highly motivated development and QA experts:

1 x Backend developer

1 x Frontend developer

1 x iOS developer

1 x Android developer

1 x Project Manager

1 x QA