Junior Developer for Client Support (m/f)

Zagreb, Croatia

Junior Developer for Client Support (m/f)
cvik2x.png Tom Cvitkovic

Head of Talent

sara.png Sara Madjer

HR Specialist

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Life at Q is anything but boring! We’re on a mission to find the A’s to the most challenging Q’s of today. That makes our everyday lives more fun, our team more cohesive and our daily tasks more exciting.

We’re looking for a proactive, team-oriented, and motivated Junior Developer for Client Support (m/f) to join our UK based client team. We value a go-getter attitude, strong analytical skills and the drive to get things done. Our team prides itself on working hard and having fun while doing it and we believe in the power of bringing like-minded people together.

What is it about?
  • Maintaining and writing product schema in a domain-specific language (DSL) which gives underlying services an automated way of ingesting and transforming product data
What do we expect?
  • Ability to understand and write JSON specification
  • Proficiency with SQL and querying datasets
  • High attention to detail - someone who can complete tasks under pressure, in an accurate and timely manner
  • Analytical ability - someone who is comfortable with numbers and has confidence in their analytical skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel - someone who can read and understand financial charts and reports
  • Availability for work as soon as possible
What we offer?
  • Flexible working hours & remote work
  • Hourly rate of 50 kn/h
  • 3 to 4 months term with the possibility of working with Q after the end of the engagement (depending on your competencies)
  • Working with new technologies in a high-performance environment
  • Coffee, Snacks and Entertainment in our Office
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