Just like the biggest car network these days is not about cars, nor the biggest rental
service is about apartments, we at Q are not just about development. We are primarily a
"management company" with extremely powerful and well-established processes that
make the whole development process smooth and easy. That's why we grew this fast, but
stable, over the last few years.

Mgm Filip

I don’t like politics at work. I like getting things done!
Better than any competitor. That’s what drives me.

Filip Ljubic

Chief executive officer

Business virtuoso who turns small into big and local into global. A true ass-kicker.

Energetic and passionate leader with strong international background. Filip’s business track record is all about taking companies to a higher level. Identifying opportunities and turning small into big is his specialty. With 15 years of executive experience, Filip held different senior and CEO roles in the international setup. Most of his career Filip spent working remotely across different continents, opening new markets and managing online teams.

Mgm Dalibor

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Dalibor Jurgec

Chief technology officer

Tech wizard who can make absolutely anything you can think of… and then some stuff you can’t.

Known for thinking fast and being highly analytical. With over 200 completed web projects using an impressive range of technologies, he’s seen it all. Being able to mathematically process and analyze problems with ease, make him feel at home with large complex projects and business processes. Dalibor’s extensive experience includes a long list of clients, and endless projects, both small sites and large enterprise solutions.

Mgm Vedran

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. I make it easy.

Vedran Tolic

Chief operating officer

Most devoted COO who’s making sure your projects and operations run smoothly.

Lead project manager in Q with vast international experience. Winning the title of the ‘Best Student’ at the most prestigious business school in Croatia 4 years in a row, while having a full-time job as project manager says it all. From Q’s beginning, Vedran has been in charge of managing both in-house and remote teams, traveling around the world to get things done, always working hard to exceed clients’ expectations. Today, Vedran has more than 100 successfully delivered projects. From initial brief to final phase – making sure that your ideas are delivered pixel-perfect.

Mgm Domagoj

If something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Domagoj Makar

Chief Experience Officer
Managing Director, Q Experience

Strong leader which turns his ideas into reality.

Business professional with 12 years of track record in improving customer experience and boosting sales. Always focused on building a strong team and pleasant working environment in which people and businesses grow together. Passionate about pursuing his dream, a perfect service setup in which businesses and clients build a strong relationship in each contact. That ensures business growth from one side and exceptional experience of clients from another side.

Mgm Tompa

I think people should pursue what they're passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.

Tomislav Plesa

Chief Operating Officer
Managing Partner, Q Experience

Passionate about customer experience and making online purchase as easy as breathing.

Tom likes to keep a 360 degree view of the customer journey, customer perspective included. Experienced in customer service, product development, digital marketing and sales, he seeks for the Holy Grail: A happy, returning customer addicted to amazing online buying experience. He has been in many roles when it comes to customer experience, products, digital marketing and sales: From direct contact with customer, to designing their customer service experience. From designing digital products to advertising and selling them online with 65% growth YoY for two consecutive years. He is never satisfied and keeps on learning.