Freelancing alone in outer space has its challenges, but since you’re already here, brought by a mysterious force, let’s see what we can launch together.

While brushing up your negotiation skills for your future clients or developing your online presence, you can join us on a short term mission (or two). We could use your help.

We are looking for freelance developers & designers to join our team on a mission to find the As to the most challenging Qs of today. And we offer you freelance cooperation free from the negative sides of freelance. Are you ready for a challenge?

Join our network of freelance professionals and get a steady flow of projects in various existing technologies.

We bring you:

  • Flexible & full remote collaboration

  • Work with new technologies in a high-performance environment

  • Diverse international projects (from 3-week microservice apps to 6+ month enterprise solutions)

  • Opportunity to work with big names and global brands

Technologies we use:

  • Backend (PHP; .NET, Node.js; Ruby, Java, Unity, Go)

  • Frontend (React, Angular, JavaScript ES6, HTML & CSS)

  • Mobile (Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Swift, Kotlin, Java)

  • UX/UI Design (Sketch, Figma, Adobe, Miro, InVision, Zeplin)

Common questions:

 Contract? A long-term B2B contract & constant flow of projects in various industries

 Engagement? Possibility to choose/tailor your engagement scope

 Time tracking? Simple and intuitive tool for time tracking - Teamwork

 What if the project gets cancelled/ends? Upon a projects ending or cancellation, get relocated by our Production Resourcing Team to another project in our dynamic pipeline


Let's join forces!

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